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The ‘Alex Jones Show’ (Wednesday April 23rd)

Join The 'NWO' Resistance!On this Wednesday, April 23rd edition of the AlexSafe/Secure Web Search: “Chinese Soldiers Are ALREADY Here On U.S. Soil” Jones Show, Alex breaks down the continued encroachment of federal government into all aspects of American life, as well as the escalating  tensions and the real possibility of world war 3, which continue to encroach the Geo-political scene across the globe. Also, the New York  State Division of Homeland ‘Security’ is now urging businesses, to snitch on ‘survivalists’ and ‘Preppers,’ as potential “terrorist threats.” And around the world, the crisis in Ukraine continues to escalate, as the standoff between China and Japan could easily explode into an all-out war. Intelligence experts Doug Hagmann and Joe Hagmann join today’s show, to discuss the widespread corruption and fraud, which is seeping through all levels of the federal government.

When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing. — When you see that money’s flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors. — When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you. -- When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, -- You’ll then know, your society is doomed.” –Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”

“We’re fast approaching, the stage of the ultimate inversion’:
The stage, where the government is free to do anything it pleases,
while citizens act only by permission; which, IS the stage,
of the darkest periods of human history, …
The stage of rule, — by brute force.”

–Ayn Rand

‘INFOWARS’ Nightly News, (Wed, April 23rd, 2014)

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CC.C’s “Stuff To Smile About, Steam Over and Ponder” (Go HERE, To Get There)!“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing - When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you - When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - You may know that your society is doomed.”  --Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged” 1957» Nevada Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch: A Story of Corruption, Racketeering and Treason at The Nevada State Capitol Level
The BLM attempted cover-up of Sen. Reid/Chinese gov’t takeover of the Bundy cattle ranch for Chinese solar farm.

Feds Desperate To Hide Harry Reid’s Chinese Solar Farm Link To Bundy Land Grab:
BLM Deletes Google Cache of Explosive Document. …

Cliven D. Bundy’s Range War:
Government Sanctioned ‘Cattle Rustling’  
[Cliven Bundy's YouTube Channel:

The Stand Off …

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid: Bundy Dispute ‘Not Over’
“We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

25 Signs America Is Rapidly Becoming Like Nazi Germany:

MEANWHILE, (While They Spy, Lie and Nazify…):
Former FBI Chief Admits Chemtrails Are Real – Then He’s Poisoned And Dies…

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. … We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner, if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. … In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons, who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
–Dr. Edward L. Bernays
(The “father of propaganda and public relations” during the 30s, 40s & 50s)

The Internet’s Telltale ‘Heartbleed’ —
It’s As Bad As Possible, For A Security Flaw To Be:
The cryptography expert Bruce Schneier, who’s been writing about computer security for more than fifteen years, is not given to panic or hyperbole. So when he writes, of the “catastrophic bug” known as Heartbleed; “On the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11,” it’s safe to conclude that the Internet has a serious problem. The bug, which was announced on Tuesday, (April 8th) — complete with an explanatory Website, ( and a bleeding-heart logo, — is a vulnerability in a widely used piece of encryption software called OpenSSL. …

Anti-virus Pioneer John McAfee, Talks About The “Heartbleed” Bug Situation (32:55)

 Catastrophic ‘Heartbleed’ Security Flaw, Impacts Millions of Sites, (What YOU Need To Know)!
Once a site’s been fixed, you’ll need to change the password you use to ‘log-in’ as soon as possible. …

Below,  Are Sites With Information About ‘Heartbleed’ and,
ways to check if websites that you use, might have been vulnerable: (Site to check if a URL’s currently safe)

The Heartbleed Bug (FAQ with information about Heartbleed)

List of vulnerable websites from the Alexa top 10000
Compiled by “dberkholz” using the first link in this list

LastPass Heartbleed Checker
This site from a well-known password manager, provides a site-checker with more information than the first link in this list.

SSL Server Test (Another URL tester) 

Professor Calls For Climate Change ‘Deniers’ To Be Imprisoned
Globalist funded Nut-Job, Wants to criminalize anyone questioning the obviously proven bogus science, of man-made global warming. Professor Lawrence Torcello, with the Rochester Institute of Technology’s called for the incarceration of every American citizen, who disagrees with the objections to the globalists scam, that ‘climate change’ is solely caused by human activity and (as a result) should pay the ultimate penalty. Lawrence Torcello, an assistant professor with an alleged Ph.D. from the University at Buffalo, published these comments, as part of an essay submitted to the academic website, The Conversation.

13 Similarities Between Obama And Hitler:
The similarities are terrifying, the conclusion inevitable:  On March 23, 1933, the GermanParliment met to consider passing a bill that Adolf Hitler had created called the Enabling Act. It was officially called the ‘Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.’

Dan @ CC.C’s ‘Select Few’ Weekly News Archive: “Stuff To Smile About, Steam Over and Ponder”Americas Run, — By Actual Psychopaths!

Who IS The ‘Enemy’ Anyway? Here’s In Your Face Proof:
Emperor Obama’s A Crypto-Member of the “Muslim Brotherhood”

Obama’s Ties To The “Muslim Brotherhood”

They Have Benghazi Blood On Their Hands!

A group of veterans from ‘Special Ops’ forces, are going after Obama and Hillary Clinton on the issue of Benghazi like a bulldog.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts; “Emperor Obama” Is Above The Law

How Far, Will The “Kenyan-In-Chief” Fall?
As Far As YOU Wish! (‘Click-N-Drag’ Him, Along The Way!)

THURSDAY:  “Johnson’s Johnson, Jump!”
The ‘No Agenda’ Show
(04/17/14) Episode #609 
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2014 ‘No Agenda’ Show-Notes

SUNDAY:  “Clip Show III!”
The ‘No Agenda’ Show
(04/20/14) Episode #610
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2014 ‘No Agenda’ Show-Notes

“The Truth of NOW (Wake-Up And, DEAL With It!)


Hitler Welcomes The Fourth Reich ... The ''New World Order''“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly, is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. … In this way, the people will not see their rights and freedoms being removed, until past the point at which, these changes cannot be reversed.” –Adolf Hitler

OPERATION “AMERICAN SPRING” May 16th, 2014 (Why and About)OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING (May 16th, 2014)

(A WikiLeaks Road Movie)

DoD Training Manual:
‘Extremist’ Founding Fathers,
‘Would Not Be Welcome In Today’s Military’

This Begs The BIG Question: Just WHO IS The “Enemy?”

USMC Colonel Spells It Out:
Homeland Security’s Building A “Domestic Army!”
A former Marine Corps Colonel who was stationed in Fallujah and who trained Iraqi soldiers, warns the Department of “Homeland In-Security” is working with local law enforcement agencies, to build a “domestic army,” because, the federal government, — IS, (Indeed) afraid, of “We The People.” (Grab The Full Story HERE!)
ALSO: Food For Serious Thought … HERE.

“If tyranny and Oppression Come To This Land,
It WILL Be In The Guise of Fighting a Foreign Enemy.”

–U.S. President James Madison

Hermann Goering“Why of course the people don’t want war, … after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and, it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. … All you have to do, is to tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
–Reichmarshall, Hermann Göring,
(Luftwaffe Commander and Senior Nazi, Testifying At The Nuremberg Trials In 1946)

WHO Did The U.S. Government Hire, To Help ‘Set Up’ “Homeland” Security? Former E-German Stasi,
(WW2 Gestapo) Chief, Markus Wolfe, &
Ex-Soviet KGB Head,
(USSR Secret Police’) General Yevgeni Primakov!

This Information, Is Critically IMPORTANT To Know. …
Homeland Security – Markus Wolf and Gen. Yevgeny Primakov

U.S. Gov’t Hired Markus Wolf & KGB General Yevgeny Primakov To Set-Up ‘DHS’

It Is Now Official:
EVERYONE , Who’s A U.S. Sh!tizen, Is Now, Considered As, … A “Terrorist,” According To The U.S. Government
It’s official, … EVERY American, can now be classified as a “terrorist” by the criminal, Illegitimate U.S. government. The label of ‘terrorist’ no longer applies to members of “Al-Qaeda” or other would-be ‘extremists’ from the middle-east or overseas, but applies to, — the average American citizen of this U.S. Republic. … The Reasons Why, Are Legendary.

U.S. Department of Defense Training Manual,
Categorizes Evangelical Christians and Catholics, As
Red-Flag Alert!‘Extremists’ — Lumped Together, With “Hate Groups” and “Terrorists.”

Secret Homeland ‘Security’ (DHS) Assassination Squads?!
Has the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assembled “Top Secret” Assassination Squads in every major American city? If so, do these squads now employ the use of special Lapua .338 Magnum bolt action sniper rifles with silencers and are they part of a sophisticated plan featuring the use of “decapitation lists” to assassinate politicians, legislators, police, judiciary, or any dissident or Patriot on their MIAC type lists? Is DHS now morphing into a new Bolshevik style Cheka, preparing to deploy mass murder “Red Terror” in America?
(As Outlined Further Below …)

The Shadow-Government’ Overthrow, Has Been In Place, For A VERY LONG Time: [View The Entire (Gov't banned, “Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura) Episode HERE...]

State Department Document #7277
United States’ Program For Complete Disarmament

The Globalist Endgame ‘Agenda’ – Within a (Not To Be Taken Lightly) 44 Page Document Dated May, 1979 “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” Operations Research Technical Manual: TW-SW7905.1 (PDF)
HTML Version:

Web Search:

Denial, Is NOT An Option:

Ω Military Internment Camps For U.S. Political Dissidents
FM 3-39.40: ‘Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual’

Concentration Camps Revisited:
The ‘National Emergency Centers Establishment Act 2013’
Nuff Said ...

“The Line Separating Good and Evil,
Passes Not Through States,
Nor Between Political Parties Either,
But Right Through Every Human Heart.”
— Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Ministry of Truth, For Corporate America“If You Can’t Trust Us, …
We’re Going To Have Some Problems”

–Barry Soetoro (aka; Barack H. Obama)
“Here Comes The Orator,
With His Flood of Words, And Drop of Reason!”

–Benjamin Franklin


“The Ordinary Man Is Passive, … Within a narrow circle, home life, and perhaps the trade unions or local politics, he feels himself master of his fate. But otherwise he simply lies down and lets things happen to him.–George Orwell

“Orwell Rolls In His Grave”

“Eight Steps to Empire: The Culture Wars”

A Virtual ‘Treasure Trove’ of Information!

Shouting Truth To Power!
Dan @

“In A Time of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth, IS A Revolutionary Act.”
–George Orwell, (aka; Eric Blair)

CasesCorner.Com: (The ‘Parent’ Website -- Home)
I’ve decided to take a sabbatical, as I’ve been far too busy, to pay attention to my own private(?) needs, Battling Bladder Cancer as well as my sweet wife Virginia’s Auto-immune diseases. (The usual length of a “sabbatical” is a year, but I can equally choose a longer/shorter period of time. A “sabbatical” is great way, to recharge one’s batteries, achieving more time for family, while seeing life, from a different perspective.) “We The People” are already on a mental sabbatical. … It’s called denial and inaction, (which I’ve had enough of). Here we have, in ‘plain view,’ our government supporting the Syrian “rebels,” who are actually, (and have sworn allegiance to) Al-Qaeda, (Al-CIA-Duh) that our hard-earned tax-dollars are funding, with arms, chemical weapons, (and other equipment) to, … along with blessings from the “Lame-stream Media.” (and the criminals within the Congress and Senate) who, (at the VERY same time) Are Stripping Our Constitutional Rights and Liberties Away, In Order To, … Keep Us ‘Safe’ From Al-Qaeda?!REALLY?! I’ve spent the last 37 years of my life, warning people, while explaining the pitfalls of the pre-planned “New World Order” — only to be met with endless criticism and ridicule, (However, No One’s Laughing Now). Having said This, I must admit, that my intellectual batteries, are in dire need of substantial recharging.
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Current RADAR (Intellicast CONUS) MORE HERE!

“Enemy of The State” (1998)

“I am free, no matter what rules surround me.
If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them;
If I find them too obnoxious, I break them.
I am free because I know that I alone,
am morally responsible for everything I do.”
– Professor Bernardo de la Paz,
(The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,’ by Robert Heinlien)
“I am free, no matter what rules surround me. ...”

Have YOU Looked Up At Our Skies Lately?! — Planet Earth Is Being ‘Managed’ By Actual Psychopaths!


For Your Analysis …
PUBLIC LAW 95-79 [P.L. 95-79] TITLE 50, CHAPTER 32, SECTION 1520 “CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE PROGRAM” “The use of human subjects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the U.S. Department of Defense, accounting to Congressional committees with respect to the experiments and studies.” “The Secretary of Defense [may] conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological [warfare] agents on civilian populations [within the United States].” SOURCE: Public Law 95-79, Title VIII, Sec. 808, July 30, 1977, 91 Stat. 334. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 91, page 334, you will find Public Law 95-79. Public Law 97-375, title II, Sec. 203(a)(1), Dec. 21, 1982, 96 Stat. 1882. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 96, page 1882, you will find Public Law 97-375.

Chemtrails_FrontPorch_591x443“Climate Engineering Weather Warfare and the Collapse of Civilization” We’re being sprayed like cockroaches, (or a better analogy; like Laboratory Rats). This is the ‘REAL’ hidden problem — other rumors about impending WWIII, economic collapse and other ‘stuff’ is almost a joke, — a distraction. Unless we all rapidly become aware, speak out, — demand answers and demand they stop this, or this ‘Geoengineering’ program will cause, (because it’s intended to cause) the death of most of our species. …

Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering/Chemtrails

Gates-Funded Experiment To Spray Atmosphere With Sulfur Particles: ‘Geoengineering’ threatens to worsen droughts, and starve millions

CAN “They” Really ‘Control’ The Weather?
Meet Ben Livingston, The Father of “Weaponized Weather”

Link of Interest:

Chemtrails: Raw and uncut with Michael Murphy –
One of the world’s leading chemtrail experts speaks his mind: The editor-in-chief of Intellihub News, (Shepard Ambellas) managed to capture chemtrail researcher, activist, (and renown filmmaker) Michael Murphy, for a one-on-one interview. …




Mystery ‘Goo’ Rain Exposed:


From Wikipedia: 
“Pseudomonas syringae”

Catalysts for Destruction of Air Pollutants

Chemical Technology Division and Chemical and Analytical Sciences Divisions of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Advances in Depleted Uranium Technology:

Video Documentation Reveals Commercial Aircraft Spraying Chemtrails The Department of Defense First Published “Chemtrails” in 1990 as the Title to a Chemistry Course for New Pilots Attending the Esteemed US Air Force Academy. … Moreover, the chemicals being sprayed, long “justified” as counter measures to so-called global warming, are actually spraying substances which cause atmospheric heating. … Contrary to rumors of “conspiracy theory,” the Department of Defense, (DoD) first published “Chemtrails” in 1990, as the title to a chemistry course for new pilots attending the esteemed U.S. Air Force Academy. (The term “Chemtrails” and its implied meaning was eventually adopted by civilian observers to describe unusual military jets and later, commercial aircraft-contrail emissions.)

Chemtrails 100% NON-DEBUNKABLE!

“What Geoengineering/Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain”
World-Reknown Neurosurgeon, (From Tupelo, Mississippi) Dr. Russell Blaylock, Reveals The Shocking Facts Behind The Toxic Chemicals Within The Soup (Air) We’re Breathing.

CBS News: Declassified Documents Reveal Chemical Testing on American Sh!tizens, (without their knowledge or consent) IS a Clear and Present Danger Newly Declassified Documents Expose The Paper Trail And, The History of What ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Call “Chemtrails.”

What In The World, ARE They Spraying?”

WHY In The World, Are They Spraying?”

Geoengineering Whistleblower: Kristen Meghan, U.S. Air Force Kristen Meghan, Ex-Military, former Air Force Sr. Industrial Hygienist/Environmental Specialist. Her job was Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) was 4BOX1, Bio-environmental Engineer. … Kristen gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Geoengineering, (Chemtrails) while serving her Country. … This BRAVE young lady, has put her livelihood, (and her life) on the line for “We The People.”
[Kristen Meghan's YouTube Channel:]

Safe Web Search:
“Chemtrails – Geoengineering”

CHEMTRAIL – Geoengineering Websites:

YouTube Search:
“Chemtrails – Geoengineering”

Here’s Something Interesting…
UFO Follows Chemtrail Aerosol Spray Tanker This object seems to be emitting something, — as it comes on screen. There are also some explosions, (or emissions) that occur, as it heads into chem-laden clouds. The UFO tracks the chem-plane at the same rate of speed and direction.

Go HERE, To Visit Case's Corner's ‘Chemtrail’ Page

The Unqualified, Ineligible, Pathological Liar, Barry Soetoro

Barry Soetoro Obama & The “Choom Gang”

Thanking his drug dealer in his yearbook and, inventing the best ways to inhale: A new book; (Barack Obama: The Story) by David Maraniss, delves into Barack Barry Obama’s teenage years, giving fresh insight into the president’s marijuana-smoking days, as a high school student in the 1970s. He often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘intercepted!’ and took an extra hit. The book reveals, how Barry Obama and his friends, formed The Choom Gang (slang for smoking marijuana – in which he invented various inhaling techniques and rode a van, aka the Choomwagon.) In the book, “Barack Obama: The Story,” biographer David Maraniss, calls the future president Barry and reveals how he was known, for starting a few pot-smoking trends. [Grab The 'REST of The Story,' (With Photos) HERE!]
Web Search: Barry Obama’s “Choom Gang” (1979)

The “Manning Report” [Full Show!] Chief Pastor, Dr. James David Manning @ http://Atlah.Org
ATLAH World Missionary Church, 38 West 123rd Street, ATLAH, (Harlem) New York 10027
(Contact ATLAH Ministries Here!)
Mia Pope On The Jeff Rense Program (1/2 Hr) Pt-1 & Pt-2
Web Search: “Obama Birth Certificate Is A Fraud & Hoax”

Obama Birth Certificate, Proven A Forgery: ‘Cold Case Posse’ Press Conference
Dr. Jerome Corsi Speaks in Harlem on Barry Obama’s Ineligibility

The Globalists Are Coming! The Globalists Are Coming! To Arms! To Arms!

The “Southern Poverty Law Center” Letter To DOJ and DHS: “Patriot Groups Pose Domestic Terror Threat”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, (SPLC) The organization that claims to teach ‘tolerance,’ while attacking certain groups and people with whom they disagree, has sent a letter to Attorney General, Eric (‘Fast-and-Furious’) Holder and, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, urging them to investigate alleged “domestic terror threats” posed by the likes of organizations and individuals such as the ‘Constitution Party,’ Larry Pratt of ‘Gun Owners of America,’ columnist Devvy Kidd, the ‘Tyranny Response Team,’ and ‘Oath Keepers.’ These thousands of people and organizations that the SPLC spews its hatred against, by declaring them to be those that hate, — are, (for the most part) people who simply are concerned Americans, who see a growing tyrannical Federal government and want to halt it in its tracks.

LA Times: “White Conservative Men Are Terrorists”
Racist establishment media characterizes Americans concerned about the erosion of the U.S. Constitution, as “Neanderthals” who encourage the “Timothy McVeighs of the world.”
“They’re not jihadists. They are white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.”

“Right-wing Extremist Groups On The Rise”

“Those right-wing conspiracy theorists, who believe there’s a one world government being set-up and the government is going to come after their guns…”

Web Search: “United Nations’ Plan To Disarm Americans – The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)

Web Search: “DEPARTMENT OF STATE PUBLICATION 7277 – The United Nations’ Plan To Disarm America”

They Say It Won’t/Can’t Happen?


As One Can Plainly See, The Criminal Globalist Banksters, (who Actually Are ‘Pulling The Strings’) Have Now ‘Flipped The Script.’ … Before, (following 9/11) it was those damn Muslim ‘terrorists.’ Now, — It’s anyone, who actually cares about the downward direction the Republic is headed, the ongoing, pre-planned decimation of the United States Constitution, the ‘Bill of Rights’ and the common-sense rule of law. … In other words, If you admire John Wayne, private property rights, your tractor, overalls, fresh (raw) milk, Non-GMO foods, your John Deere hat, your second amendment rights, hunting, fishing, apple pie and grandma, … YOU are now considered by the SPLC and the DHS, to be, a “right-wing extremist” and thus, a “terrorist threat.”

Dem Group Labels Talk Of DHS Bullet Buys As “Extremist”:

The SPLC Is Coming For The Nations Conservatives,
(YouTube Search):

“A Constitution is not the act of a Government, but of a people constituting a government and a government without a constitution, is a power without right.” –Thomas Paine, 1791

The “High-capacity” Magazine Argument is a Load of Bunkum (Video)
As demonstrated here, reloading does NOT ‘slow down’ mass shooters.

Retired General Tells Biden: Military Can Help With Gun Control Agenda Feinstein again promises to “press the case” for disarming Americans.

♦  New York’s Seven Round Law Bans Most Firearms Firearm manufacturers do not plan to make seven round clips for the New York market.

Eyewitness: Yes, The Nazis DID Confiscate Our Guns
Austrian citizen Kitty Werthmann confounds recent efforts by gun control advocates to re-write history.

  DHS Purchases TWO BILLION Rounds of ‘Hollow-point’ Ammunition, Within The Past 10 Months: The Criminal, Bankster-controled Government, Is Obviously Getting Ready, For Something Very Big, — And Very Domestic.

  DHS Supplier Provides “No Hesitation” Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners:
The outrageous move by globalist-controlled law enforcement, to use shooting targets depicting children, pregnant women and elderly gun owners, — lavishly funded by a Department of Homeland Security grant, totaling almost $2 million tax-payer dollars.

  Company Behind Shooting Targets of Children Received $2 Million From DHS:
The company behind controversial shooting targets that include images of children, pregnant women and elderly gun owners received almost $2 million dollars in contracts from the Department of Homeland Security.

  Law Enforcement “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women:
Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., a provider of shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security, has admitted that targets depicting pregnant women were “requested” by law enforcement agencies.

  Retired Cop:
Desensitizing Police Training Is Brainchild of Sick Social Engineers:
T.F. Stern, states; the cardboard cutouts of pregnant women, children, and elderly citizens, for police target practice can only have been created by a “sick mind,” with the intention of having police officers or Homeland Security “goons” completely disregard humanity.

  DHS Contractor Apologizes For Selling Shooting Targets of Children:
The company, which received $2 million dollars from the DHS, has apologized and taken offline “no more hesitation” shooting targets which depicted pregnant women, children, and elderly gun owners in residential settings as “non-traditional threats,” following an online uproar.
  DOJ Memo: “Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns”
Obama administration believes; “A gun ban will not work, without mandatory gun confiscation.” “Universal background checks on firearms purchases, may help the government push to control and eventually outlaw firearms”
(‘National Institute of Justice’ Memo Available HERE, In PDF Format)

  “We The People” Are Responding:
Americans Prepare For ‘Civil Unrest’ With Record Ammo Sales:
Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, discusses the long train of abuses we now face and, how the founders also faced the same problems in the lead up to 1776. Could history repeat itself, and will globalists back off from their attack against humanity? Meanwhile, the gun control agenda is moving forward, with multiple states introducing legislation to confiscate firearms and outlaw semi-automatic weapons, clips and ammunition.

Drones Over America ... It's All Good!

  Obama Moves To Authorize Domestic Drone Strikes:
The Department of Homeland ‘Security’ has advanced their plan to deploy “public safety” drones in the skies over America, (an action Congress authorized last year) while calling for the deployment of 30,000 drone surveillance vehicles. While DHS head Janet Napolitano says the primary mission for domestic drones is for situational awareness in “large public safety matters or disasters,” Barry Obama may have a different idea for how to best implement this next generation of surveillance technology.

  DHS Advances Plan For “Public Safety” Drones:
The Department of Homeland Security is advancing its plan to use surveillance drones for “public safety” applications, announcing it had received a deluge of “excellent” responses from potential vendors and was set to carry-out more tests of the technology.

  The U.S. Air Force, Is Developing Terrifying Swarms of Tiny Unmanned Drones, — that fly in swarms, hover like bees, crawl like spiders and even sneak up on unsuspecting targets to execute them with lethal precision:
A research arm of the U.S. Air Force, has released a computer-animated video, outlining the the future capabilities of Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs). The project promises to revolutionize war by down-sizing the combatants. “Unobtrusive, pervasive, lethal – Micro Air Vehicles, enhancing the capabilities of the future war fighter.”

  New Surveillance System Tracks Every Moving Object In An Entire City:
Sensor housed in drone, can see 6 inch objects from 20,000 feet altitude.

  Drones Can Detect If Citizens Are Armed: DHS Built Domestic Surveillance Tech Into ‘Predator’ Drones  Homeland Security’s specifications say drones must be able to detect whether a civilian is armed. Also specified: “signals interception” and “direction finding” for electronic surveillance.

  Here’s how they can tell what you look like and, who you are, as well as what you’re carrying: Gigapixel cameras took this photo in Canada of thousands of people in the square, — One can zoom in on every individuals face.

  Clinton Announces Al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization As Legitimate Government of Libya: WTF?!
U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, (and members of more than 30 other nations) met in Istanbul, Turkey and announced; they have granted Al-Qaeda, the (so-called rebels in Libya) full diplomatic recognition.

  Hillary Clinton Admits US and Al-Qaeda (aka; al-Nusra  / radical Islamists / Syrian rebels, etc.) ARE On The Same Side In Syria (video from the proverbial horse’s mouth!)

  Al-Qaeda’s Amazing CIA Credentials?!
Thanks once again to the indispensable
Moon of Alabama blog for highlighting, among other interesting facts, the amazingly open ties of the Syrian opposition to their Western paymasters. As the astonishing Guardian story linked in the MoA piece outlines, down to the person these Syrian engines of regime change are products of the US empire and its interventionist, Trotskyite foreign policy of “global democratic revolution.” I urge interested readers to click on the original piece for the full story.

  Leaked Video, Shows ‘Free Syrian Army,’ Blowing-up Mosque, To Accuse Syrian Army Responsible, — A Classic ‘False Flag’ Operation.
The same (‘destroyed’) mosque, was shown on aljazeera tv, under the title of; “Mig 29 jets bombing a mosque in Aleppo”

  Defense Secretary Panetta: Authority of UN Trumps Congress In Getting Approval For War On Syria:
Following controversy over his assertion that seeking “international permission” from the United Nations, to launch new wars, trumps the authority of the Congress.l — Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, re-affirms this premise, during testimony, in which he again stated; Congress would play second fiddle to the international community.

  Senate Floor Video Below, PROVES Barry Obama LIED, (Big Surprise) About Being Against Power HE SIGNED INTO LAW, (that He Said He Would ‘Veto’) On New Years Eve, –  To Indefinitely Imprison American Citizens, Without Trial and, (or) Due ANY Possess of Law:  

  CIA Director Admits Manipulating US News; CBS Confirms:
This is an old clip, showing the admittance of the CIA, they use the ‘mainstream media’ to manipulate the thoughts and ideas of American citizens in the USA. This has not changed, (obviously) and is good to know what happened in the past, — due to the perceived reality of today.

  CIA Head: “We Will Spy On Americans Through Electrical Appliances” The ‘Global Information Surveillance Grid’ has been Constructed; While Willing Americans Embrace, The Very ‘Gadgets’ They Use, — To Spy Upon Themselves! CIA director David Petraeus admits the rise of the new “smart gadgets” aka; The Clueless, Uninformed Americans, are effectively ‘bugging’ their own homes, (thus, saving Globalists-controlled, U.S. / Israeli spy agencies, the cost of the job) While it identifies any “persons of interest.”

  Nobel Peace Prize Winner / Communist-backed, Barry Obama, Asks Military Leaders, If, They’ll “Fire Upon US Citizens”

  Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Jim Garrow, said, he was told by a ‘top military veteran,’ the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is, whether or not, they’ll obey an order to ‘fire upon U.S. citizens.’

  Sy Hersh: U.S. Funded and Trained (on U.S. soil) Iranian Group on State Dept. Terror List: U.S .military trained members, of an Iranian ‘terrorist’ group in Nevada in 2005, … AND, American intelligence, continues to be transferred to the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) for use in operations, which include,the assassinations of numerous Iranian nuclear scientists. Sy Hersh reports,– during the Bush administration, the ‘Joint Special Operations Command’ (or JSOC) — an elite Special Operations force)  had transferred funds, arms and intelligence to the MEK.

  Report: Realistic Urban Training is DHS and DOD “Conducting Desensitizing Exercises” – Just a couple years ago, it was reported the U.S. military was involved in ‘war gaming’ scenarios, which included training for such things as; ‘large scale economic collapse’ and ‘civil unrest.’

  Eugenics Movement Calls For Eco-Dictatorship Under UN Rule: 
In a peer-reviewed paper by the American Institute of Biological Sciences titled “Social Norms and Global Environmental Challenges,” to be published in the march 2013 edition of the Institute’s yearly journal Bio-science, — a group of well-known scientists calls on government and scientists to start with the planned social engineering of “norms” and “values” in regards to environmental policies. In addition, they propose putting into effect all sorts of environmental fines and regulations in the spirit of Agenda 21 to hasten the social acceptance of increased governmental control. Also, they propose that the scientific community as a whole, should align itself with government “through a concerted effort to change personal and social norms.”

  Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost?
“While a lot of people talk about the loss of our Constitutional liberties, people usually speak in a vague, generalized manner … or focus on only one issue and ignore the rest. This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right.”

  Who REALLY Pulls The Strings?


With scandal and ‘change’ hitting the Catholic Church from every direction, — maybe it’s time for a . . . ‘change.’ See what the hierarchy at the Vatican is up to and, find out who’s the most unfit, to be the NEW Pontifex!
For MORE Mark Fiore Presentations, Be Sure To Visit: MarkFiore.Com

I’m Taking A Long Needed Break … (Perhaps a Week or Two) From The World’s Insanity

Guns_-JokerPBO_ImComingForThem Senator Feinstein Announces Plan For Gun Owners To Be Fingerprinted and Registered

Gun Registration Leads To Confiscation

Firearm Confiscation Plan Announced For America

Facebook Purges Pro-Gun Accounts

The ‘Bill of Rights’ Is NOT Negotiable – SHARE This Urgent Declaration

The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect individual liberties even if a majority wants to take them away

“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and, who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.”
–John F. Kennedy

Communist Chinese Government Calls For Americans to be Disarmed BTW; There IS a law, (In Place) called the “Dick Amendment” of 1902, which Can Not EVER be repealed. … It allows American citizens, to ‘keep and bear arms’ of ANY type. It IS, “The Efficiency of Militia Bill” HR 11654, which “invalidates all gun control laws” in this country.

“Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States,
can be laid by strictly legal means …
unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people.
Outwardly we have a Constitutional government.
We have, operating within our government and political system,
another body, representing another form of government –
a bureaucratic elite.”

~ Senator William Jenner, 1954 ~

Click THIS Image, (To Download and Read) The “Re-Declaration of Independence” (PDF Format)

 * George W. Bush’s Grandfather (Prescott Bush)
Led Nazi Coup Against White House In 1933

“The High Office of The President, Has Been Used To Foment a Plot,
To Destroy The American Freedoms and, Before I Leave Office,
I Must Inform The Citizens of This Plight.”
President John F. Kennedy – November 12, 1963
(10 Days Before, His Fateful Trip To Dallas, TX.)

JFK’s Assassination: Secret Service ‘Stand-down,’ — Just Moments Before His Death (Still Think It’s A Crazy “Conspiracy Theory?”)
* Executive Order #11110, (Issued by JFK, on June 4, 1963)
* JFK: Assassinated – By The NWO and The Government
* The JFK Murder Testimony, of Retired FBI Field Agent – Don Adams

NSA ‘Whistleblower’ William Binney:
“EVERYONE In The U.S. Is Under Surveillance, ALL Information Is Stored”

* Americans Are The Most Spied Upon People, In World History!
The American government has more information on the average American, than Stalin had on Soviet Russians, Hitler had on German citizens, and more than the communist East German Stasi,
or any other government has ever had on its people.

REMEMBER: “Our Troops Are ‘Over There,’ Fighting For Our Liberty And Freedom!”
(Go Here, For William Binney’s Keynote Address at ‘HOPE Number Nine’)

“The Secret Government” (Bill Moyers 1987)

“The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face,
with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. …
The American mind simply has not come to a realization,
of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.
It rejects even the assumption that human creatures
could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately,
destroy all that is good and decent!”

~ FBI Director; J. Edgar Hoover, 1956 ~

“The Changing of The Guard”
(Written and Narrated by Michael Dunn)

‘Start Page’ Web Search: “Neil Keenan”

“The Covenant of The Globalist Cabal” and, “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion”Tyranny Under The Left-Right Paradigm

I’m Taking A Long Needed Break, …
(Perhaps a Week or Two) From This World’s Insanity.

WELL, … Actually, A LOT Longer Than a Week or Two:
I’ve decided to take a very long break from the daily posts, that all of my ‘followers’ and weekly newsletter subscribers have become accustomed to over the past several years. … NO ONE, can argue the fact, that the world, (day by day) has become a crazier place. This while, America continues to plunge deeper into the depths of a scientifically engineered, totalitarian, dystopian nightmare. Having said that, I shall continue to, update the “Breaking The Set” and “Keiser Report” episodes, (on the R-hand side panel) as well as updating, (twice a week) The “Drake Updates” page…. Everything I was posting daily, (such as the “Alex Jones’ Show” videos) are available below. I’ll also post (at the bottom of this post) anything of intrinsic value, (or ultimate importance) that may come my way, that I wish to share. Extraordinary events are now occurring and, will continue to occur, (within the next several months) involving the epic battle of ‘good, vs. evil’ on this planet. As time progresses, these events will become more apparent to all. — My plan is, to continue further ‘In-depth’ research, into the criminal cabal, Then continue my daily posts once again, … Hopefully, In Febuary 2013, (God willing). … Take Care, Keep In Touch and, May God Bless All of Mankind.
Dan @ Case’s Corner

Visit; CasesCorner.Com For ALL Sorts, of Information, …
You Probably Haven’t Had A Chance To REALLY Look Into.

Just A Few Links of Interest, Featured At CC.C:
FREE Software
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Dan’s ‘Darker Side’
The ‘Bohemian Grove’ & “ENDGAME”
9/11 Issues
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UFOs & Aliens
The ‘New World Order’
George Orwell’s “1984”
Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”
The Power of Prayer

99Life Hacks’ — To Make YOUR Life Easier!
(Not From CasesCorner.Com, But Pretty Cool, None-the-less …)

“Government is instituted for the common good;
for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people;
not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man,
family, or class of men. … Therefore,
the people alone, have an incontestable, unalienable,
and indefeasible right, to institute government; and, to reform,
alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety,
prosperity, and happiness require it.”
John Adams, 1776

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On A Personal Note …
“Writing, Is The Only Profession,
Where No One Considers You Ridiculous,
If You Earn No Money.”

–Jules Renard

“No people will tamely surrender their liberties,
nor can any be easily subdued,
when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved.
On the contrary, when people are universally ignorant and
debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own weight,
without the aid of foreign invaders.”
–Samuel Adams (1775)

George Carlin on “The Illusion of Choice”
“There’s a Big Club … and YOU Ain’t In It” (WARNING: Strong Language)

Purchase “The Obama Deception” On DVD, HERE! Go HERE, To Watch: “The Obama Deception” (Full Screen – HD)

The Sequel To The Above Film;“The Obama Deception”
~ The “Fall of The Republic” ~
Go HERE, To Watch: “Fall of The Republic” (Full Screen – HD) 

After we win this election,
it’s our turn. … Payback time.
Everyone not with us, is against us and they better be ready, because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded. The ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. …
There is going to be hell to pay.
Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. …
No election to worry about after this is over and, we have two judges ready to go.”
–Valerie Jarrett, (November 1, 2012)
Obama Administration, White House Senior Adviser, (‘Obama’s Brain’)

 Why Our Nation Is Going Down The “CRAPPER”

George ‘Dubya’ Bush, (Former President of The U.S.)

Barack ‘Barry Soetoro’ Obama, (“President” of The U.S.)

Joe Biden, (Vice President of The U.S.)

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA)

Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-FL) On The House Floor …

John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

‘Idiot Reel’

American Voters of This Time …

I Know! … Let’s Bribe The Ignorant Voters!
I Guess There’s Nothing More To Say …

Except This, … 

Obama Cronies Want To Imprison and Kill Americans
All who oppose the globalist agenda of Barack (Barry Soetoro) Obama — or rather oppose the agenda of his globalist handlers — should be rounded up and imprisoned, singer and “social activist” Harry Belafonte recently told the ambulance chaser Al Sharpton on the death merchant General Electric’s network, MSNBC.

The Evil False Flag Operation of ‘Sandy Hook’ Elementary School: The Latest Coverage, of The Sandy Hook School Shootings, In Newtown CT. (Friday, December 14, 2012)

(The TRUTH About Antidepressant Psychiatric Drugs)

WHY, IS THE SUBJECT MATTER ON THIS NEWs-BLOG, (Such as; The Deliberate Poisoning of Our Food, Air and Water, (GMOs, Chemtrails & Fluoride) Zionism, 9/11, Vaccines, Election Fraud, Criminal Government Activity and The Criminal ‘New World Order’ Cabal NOT REPORTED BY THE TRUSTED MAINSTREAM’ MEDIA?
The Quote Below, Answers This Enigmatic Question Masterfully …

“If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper,
before twenty-four hours, my occupation would be gone …
The business of journalists is to destroy the truth;
to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon,
and to sell this country and this race for their daily bread.
We are the tools and vessels for rich men behind the scenes.
We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance.
Our talents, our possibilities and our very lives, –
are ALL the property of OTHER men.
We ARE, … Intellectual Prostitutes.”

~  John Swinton – Chief of Staff of The New York Times ~
(“The Dean of His Profession,”) – The New York Press Club, 1953

The Shocking Truth: What’s REALLY In Vaccines?!

This Post, Is Dedicated To My Vaccine Injured Son; ‘Micah

What You Don’t Know About Vaccines, Could Kill or Injure You!

The Shocking Truth: What’s REALLY In Vaccines? Mercury, MSG, Formaldehyde & Aluminum! Do you really know what’s in vaccines, (Flu, etc.) According to the CDC, all the following neurotoxic metals and chemicals are intentionally added to vaccines: Mercury, MSG (monosodium glutamate), Formaldehyde and Aluminum. These toxic elements should never be INJECTED into any human being! Their toxicity explains the deadly side effects of vaccines, including:
* Brain Damage
* Comas
* Seizures
* High fevers
* Spontaneous abortions
* Death
So, why doesn’t the vaccine industry make “clean” vaccines, without these additives? The answer is because the whole point of vaccines is not to medically help people, but rather to intentionally POISON them.
Go HERE, To Visit CC.C’s ‘VACCINES’ Webpage, To Learn More

Bill Gates: “Use Vaccines To Lower Population and Bring CO2 Levels To ZERO”

Neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock On The Dangers of Vaccines:
‘Start Page’ (Privacy-Secured) Search: “Neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock” &

The Effects of Mercury, (Thimerosal) on Brain Neuron Degeneration:

The H1N1 False Flag Pandemic of 2009:

 Leaked CFR Recording:
Shows Plot To Create ‘False Scarcity,’ Driving-up Demand, For Vaccines
Laughter breaks out, as dignitaries discuss making vaccine mandatory and tricking the public into taking it. … A recording of a recent Council On Foreign Relations symposium, reveals attendees discussing ways and means of getting the Sheeple to take the H1N1 flu vaccine, in spite of the mass resistance that has arisen, due to questions over it’s safety. The recording dates from October 16th, (2010) when the CFR held a ‘Symposium’ in New York entitled; “Pandemic Influenza: Science, Economics, and Foreign Policy.(BTW, These People, ARE The ONES, ‘Behind The Curtain’ … Muh-Ha-Ha-Haaaa!)

‘Start Page’ (Privacy-Secured) Search:
“Mercury and Other Chemicals In Vaccines Can Kill or Injure You”

                             “Vaccine Nation”

“There is no evidence, that any influenza vaccine thus far developed, is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but go on selling them anyway.”
– Dr. J. Anthony Morris (former FDA Chief Vaccine Control Officer)

“Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination” “Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination” takes a definitive look into the history of vaccinations. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE – and why the criminal government considers you, no different than cattle, (or ‘chattel) in their own laws. Before we can begin to comprehend just what the word ‘vaccination’ really means, we must first break down into simple terms, what the real purpose of vaccines are.

Big Pharma’s Secret Global Eugenics Agenda

* Senior Merck Scientist, Dr. Maurice Hilleman:
Admits Cancer and Aids (SV40) Viruses,
Are Deliberately Added To Vaccines!

“In a Time of Universal Deceit,
Telling The Truth, IS a Revolutionary Act.”

–George Orwell

A Message To ALL ‘Truth-tellers,’ …
Who Refuse To Be Silenced By The Status Quo.

September 11th, 2001 -- IS, The Elephant In The Room!

Go HERE, For MORE About The “9/11 2001 Mystery”

“9/11 Mysteries” (A Documentary)

9/11 Mysteries


Fabled Enemies

 The September 11th Alex Jones Show,”  Privacy Secured Web Search: “Alex Jones: The Man Who Predicted 911” 


250+ ‘Smoking Guns’ In Mainstream Media About 9/11

Investigate 911? NO, (We've Done The Investigations!) Prosecute Those Responsible! (Go HERE, To Visit My '911 Issues' Webpage!)

“World Trade Center 7 … The Tall and The Short of It”
The “Smoking Gun” of The Globalist’s 9/11 LIE,
WTC Building #7, That ‘Collapsed’ at 5:20pm (17:20)
Also, WTC #7 (Blast Points!) AND,
WTC Complex, Leaseholder and Owner, (Larry Silverstein)
Confessing To “Pulling Building #7, On That Day!

The Collapse of World Trade Center #7 (The ‘Salomon Brothers’ Building)

(You’ll Need To; ‘Pump-Up’ The Volume — )

The ‘Collapse’ of World Trade Center Building #7 (Compilation)   RememberBuilding7.Org

And, Finally, (For The Full ‘Wrap-Up’ of The 9/11 Conspiracy) …  

 See “Core of Corruption” (A Documentary) 
See “ZERO” (A Documentary Investigating 911, 2001)
See; “Kill The Messenger” A Documentary About CIA/FBI
Translator, (Turned Whistleblower) Sibel Edmonds

 “Where Were ‘They’ On 9/11 2001?”
Libyan Rebel Leader Admits Links To “Al-Qaeda” Fighters

Go HERE, To Visit CC.C’s ‘9/11 Issues’ Webpage …

“If Liberty Means Anything At All, …
It Means, The Right To Tell People,
What They Do Not Want To Hear.”

–George Orwell, 1946 (Preface To “Animal Farm”)

“That’s not the way the world really works anymore, We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” –Karl Rove, October 17, 2004
(Senior Adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff, Under George W. Bush)

Riots, Terror and Checkpoints: Washington’s “Future History” Is Now — DHS Just Can’t Get it Together — West Nile Virus “Outbreak” Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals Onto Citizens

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Sept. 2nd, 2012 [Sorry Folks. ... No Video Available For This Edition, As This Is A Compilation of Guests and News, From Previous Recent Shows, (You Know, Labor Day Weekend and All).]
On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with leading trends forecaster; Gerald Celente about the still unfolding economic collapse and the social unrest designed to accompany it. In a health blitz, Aaron Dykes and Alex discuss the benefits of weight loss, energy and vitality available through Youngevity and other vitamin supplements. Martial law researcher Doug Hagmann, unveils warnings from his insider sources that the Obama administration is preparing to go “hot” with a false flag event, possibly timed for an “October Surprise.” Finally, Congressman Walter B. Jones talks about his resolution; HR 5925 to safeguard Americans against unwarranted drone surveillance, while also highlighting high levels of troop deaths in Afghanistan, even as public attention shifts away from the long war.
             ◊             TOP News Stories of The Day            ↓
     In 2008, the Washington Post published an article titled “Washington’s Future, a History.” The article used the insight of two panels of experts who looked into the future 17 years from 2008. The Post’s article is a “fictional” account of a future Washington D.C. in which “small scale” terror attacks and angry rioters plague the streets and implantable ID chips allow government workers to pass through checkpoints. Many of the scenarios depicted were foreseen by the alternative media and other well informed researchers, well before the Washington Post. It didn’t take a crystal ball, or other ‘worldly’ powers, to discern what was coming. Government white papers and open statements foreshadowed plans for the construction of a total surveillance society, a rising police state, and the implementation of martial law, as globalization and economic collapse destroyed America. [Grab The Entire Article, HERE ...]
7 Reasons Washington’s Grand Counter-Terrorism Myths Persist In The Face of Evidence:
The political conversation about the Bin Laden raid, a key event in the counter-terrorism paradigm, is based on a government-created conspiracy theory.

Bullets Planted In Luggage of Ron Paul Delegate: 
Yet ANOTHER vicious attack on Ron Paul and his supporters.
DHS Just Can’t Get it Together — Suzanne Barr Resigns: 
Barr’s crimes pale in comparison to those committed by her DHS colleagues and the crimes of our former, current and future presidential administrations.
NATO Terrorists to Target Syria’s Civilian Airports: 
In violation of international law, NATO-backed terrorists plan civilian airport raids.
Official: Iran Would Take Action If US Attacked Syria: 
Revolutionary Guard propaganda official says joint military pact of Syria’s allies would be implemented in case of ‘stupid American attack.’
Iran To Hold Massive Air Defense Drill In October: 
Maneuver, including army, air force, and Revolutionary Guards, to coincide with timetable of a much-speculated possible Israeli strike.
West Nile Virus “Outbreak” Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals Onto Citizens: 
The US government has been involved in creating designer viruses onto unwitting populations that have been the obvious causation of viral epidemics.
Tampa RNC Cop Gets In Trouble, — For Being Nice   I don’t see how the peace officer got in any “trouble” at all, (perhaps I missed something?). – What I saw, was a normal American, doing his job, (while having a discussion, with a very animated ‘protester’). Having Said That, — I Firmly Believe, That Creating and Maintaining a Positive Dialog With All Law Enforcement Is Critical, To Both Our Survival As American Citizens, As Well As Maintaining Necessary Stability Within Our Democratic Republic.

Use “Start Page” (Privacy-Secured) Search Engine, To Reference Other News.

“Fluoride: The Bizarre History, of YOUR Poisoning” (A Documentary)

 Material Safety Data Sheet: ‘Sodium Fluoride’ (or, MSDS) 

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – ‘Fluosilicic Acid’

 FLUORIDE Linked To #1 Cause of Death, In New Research:
New research reveals a startling new finding: fluoride is likely contributing to the epidemic of cardiovascular disease, by stimulating calcification of the vascular system, — Including, the coronary arteries.
   See Also:

  FLUORIDATION: Mind Control of the Masses – by Ian E. Stephen (1995)

  FLUORIDE OVERDOSE: National Institutes of Health – POISON CONTROL

  Fluoride Action Network

  Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluoride

  Why EPA’S Headquarters Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation

  FLUORIDE … The Aging Factor
How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride
John A. Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. (1943-2000)

  Dr. John McDougall interview with Dr. John Yiamouyannis – 3/10/96 (MP3)

  The Greatest “Scientific” Fluoride Fraud Yet?

  50 Reasons To Avoid Fluoridation

  Fluoridation: Governmentally Sanctioned & Approved Poison For Your Family:

  Fluoride does NOT reduce cavities, and causes brittle bones and a soft brain

  Fluoride: A Chronological History:

  Oregon Federal Judge Hands Darlene Sherrell a Major Victory Anti-Fluoridation Milestone:

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Fluoride:

  Is Fluoride and Fluoridation Causing/Contributing To Cancer & Other Diseases? (YES!)

  Dare to Think: A Message About Fluoride:

  Fluoride Poisoning Symptoms

  Fluoride Health Effects Database

  How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body

A “Special Fluoride Report” (From The Infowars ‘Money Bomb’ 2012) FluorideFreeAustin.Com (YouTube Search: “Dr. Paul Connett on Fluoride”)

“AN INCONVENIENT TOOTH” (Documentary) This documentary, features scientists, health professionals and activists, recently released in Portland, Oregon, where powerful special interests, (working behind the scenes for over a year) have influenced the mayor and, two of the four City Council members, (none of who, are facing re-election) to force water fluoridation on an unwilling public. It was produced, directed, shot and edited by Guy Wagner.  Filming took place during the Fluoride Action Network’s (FAN) Citizens’  Conference of July, 2010. (BTW; BIG-Time ‘Kudos,’ to Guy Wagner, for his outstanding work, … fighting the local ‘sell outs’ of the ‘New World Order,’ and their deliberate Dumbing-down and poisoning of the ‘shitizenry’ of America.)

 Go HERE, To Visit; CC.C’s Fluoride Dangers Webpage…

Financial War Report: Fraud on Wheels

The “Keiser Report” (September 1, 2012) Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss what happens when ersatz money heroin stops working and Treasury bonds are sold by hucksters, while everything is guaranteed by ‘the state.’ In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks with John Rubino of DollarCollapse.Com, about fiat currencies, how they collapse and, how fast it happens.
    (RT (Home), YouTube, 280 on Dish Network & 103 on Comcast)

Max Keiser‘s “On The Edge”
With Dan Collins of The “China Money Report” (September 1, 2012)
Dan Collins, is Founder and, Editor of; The ‘China Money Report’. Dan also founded ‘Tiger Hill Capital’, an asset management and corporate advisory business in Hong Kong, (Dan’s lived in China for over 15 years). He has an engineering an manufacturing background, which is vital to understanding the Chinese economy. He’s worked for multinationals in China, as well as Chinese firms there. He previously ran a $200 million USD Chinese industrial firm based in Ningbo, Zhejiang province in China. Dan is graduate of Rutgers University (MBA), Michigan State University (BA-Economics) and was an exchange student at Tsinghua University in Beijing in the 1990’s. He has years of experience in Chinese Real Estate and Investments and, speaks Chinese fluently.

Video: Teleprompter At The RNC, Had The ‘Results’ of The Vote, BEFORE The Vote Was Taken!

  Here’s what you didn’t see on the “mainstream” presstitute media. The teleprompter, had the results of the vote, … BEFORE the vote was taken. Text; “In the opinion of the Chair, the “ayes” have it.” Go to the 2:00 minute mark, to see the pre-fabricated “opinion of the Chair.” Look folks, … The Whole Thing Is A ‘Rigged Game.’ STOP Playing! (See: Karl Rove: ‘A Gentleman’s Agreement, On The Iowa Voting Results For Ron Paul’)

Out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Comes The ‘FED’ Solution: “QE3” — “Operation Dark Heart” U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Anthony Shaffer Speaks Out, (Again). — If You Use The Words, “Chicago,” “Birth Certificate” or “PGA,” You’re Now … A ‘Racist.’

On this Friday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Alex Jones breaks down the latest headlines, including; ‘Quantitative Easing’ Three, (or “QE3”) and the good possibility of inflation, or even hyperinflation, the election race-baiting attempts, (by both the left and the right) an accused U.S. spy, who was crucified for placing drone sensors in Yemen. Also, former Communications Director for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and currently Executive Editor and Chief Correspondent for “Climate Depot,” Marc Morano stops by. (Also, part 2 of Dan Bidondi’s report, on Government performing experiments on US troops is featured).
The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, Aug. 31, 2012 On this Friday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex confronts the heated rhetoric swirling around the RNC and, the brazen attempt by the establishment and its bankster-owned, corporate presstitute media attack dogs, to criminalize political speech, by labeling words such as; “Chicago” and “Birth Certificate” as ‘racist.’ Alex also talks about the increasing number of military drills across America, as the criminal elite gear-up for social unrest amid political chaos, in the event of the economic implosion. Alex then talks with U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Anthony Shaffer, author of “Operation Dark Heart,” (a book hated with media-bias and destroyed by the Pentagonbefore banning it) and Congressman Walter B. Jones, who introduced House Concurrent Resolution 107, calling for the impeachment of Obama, if he attacks Iran, or Syria, without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress.
                       ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   
Google Patents Software, To Intelligently Identify ANY Object On Earth
  Google has received a patent for a technology that could revolutionise searching – as well as giving the search engine unprecedented knowledge about the world. Humans have an innate ability, thanks to our eyes and brain, to look at any object – from a cat to a lamp to a river-bank – and recognise it and catalogue it. This is far less easy for computers to do – but Google may be about to change that, thanks to its patent for ‘automatic large scale video object recognition.’ The patent describes technology that can scan a video – for instance the thousands of hours uploaded to YouTube each day – and then pick out landmarks, objects and context, helping it to tag and categorise it. For instance, you could have your photo taken outside Big Ben in London, or film a short video outside London’s most-famous clock, upload it to Google, and without giving any more data, Google could tag your video with ‘Big Ben’ and ‘London.’ The patent could signal a revolution in how we use the internet, especially if the technology becomes embedded in smartphones – but is likely to cause a lot of concern over privacy issues. Civil liberty groups have already warned that this could provide Google with a wealth of personal detail about your private life. (Read On …)
Obama Mimics Bill Ayers Radical Ideology with New “Re-Education” Camps - Former FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, revealed the “Weather Underground” terrorist group’s plan, for “re-education camps” and the “elimination” (Killing) of millions of Americans:   
The above video, is a “Liberty Broadcasting Network” interview (April 2012) with Larry Grathwohl, [Blog] who became an ‘operational asset’ for the FBI, infiltrating the domestic terrorist organization known as; “The Weathermen,” or “The Weather Underground.”
(Go Here, To See The ‘CC.C’ Posts on This Very Subject …)

Scholar Who Brought Obama Into Chicago Law School, Held Top Intelligence Clearance:
By his own admission, constitutional scholar Michael W. McConnell lobbied to get Barack Obama to lecture at Chicago Law School.
Fed Hints at Third Round of Quantitative Easing:
Fed has squandered more than $2 trillion in quantitative easing and economy has slipped further into depression.
Minneapolis Military Drills Based Around “Confrontation Scenarios”   
Black Hawk exercises continue to stir intrigue, concern.
Putin Is Demonized, While Democracy Fails In AmeriKa: 
Obama is a despicable patsy, a front man for powerful private interests, and Democrats should be totally ashamed to have elevated such a cowardly lowlife.
Limbaugh: It’s Now Racist to Say “Chicago, PGA, Birth Certificate” 
MSNBC characterizes all criticism of Obama as racist.
PROOF: Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as ‘insecticide’:
Fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists who try to contaminate your water supply with fluoride are promoting their deadly agenda with a clever lie.
It’s Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics: In the lead up weekend to the RNC convention, Tampa, Florida was awash in political electricity.

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Bullets, False Flags and Biological Warfare: What IS This U.S. Government Planning? — “Operation Mockingbird” 2012: NYT Writer Leaked Story Critical of Obama, To The CIA — Texas Students Revolt, Against ‘Mandatory’ RFID/“Mark of The Beast” Tracking Microchips

On this Thursday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ INN investigative reporter, (from the UK) Paul Joseph Watson covers; Texas Students Revolt Against Mandatory RFID Tracking Chips, Just In Case: State of Alaska to Stockpile Mass Amounts of Food and Supplies in Giant Warehouses, NATO To Use Ambulances As Cover For Humanitarian Invasion of Syria, A New York Times reporter leaked advance copy of Maureen Dowd column to CIA, and a video Showing a St. Paul MN Cop, Kicking a Defenseless Man in the Throat, (after being handcuffed and, pepper-sprayed) as well as a survailance video, that shows LAPD ‘peace officers’ WWF body-slamming, a defensless (White) woman, into the pavement, during an arrest, Her Egregious Crime? … Talking on Her Cell Phone While She Was Driving. (Shut-Up Slaves! — Meet Your ‘New World Order’ Enforcers!) Then, Infowars reporter, Aaron Dykes speaks with “WHY In The World, Are They Spraying” Filmmaker, Michael Murphy, about the irrefutable evidence, of the pre-planned “Geo-engineering” of the entire planet. Then, Infowars’ (newest news anchor) Dan Bidondi, reports on the U.S. Government’s ‘secret’ experiments upon U.S. soldiers.
May The Peace of The Lord, Be With You Always...MEANWHILE                      
The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012 On this Thursday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex covers the TSA molestation of the Paul family in Clearwater, Florida, as Ron Paul wrapped-up his appearance at the RNC. He also covers the latest instance of brutal police violence in St. Paul, Minnesota, TSA intimidation of journalists, and the growing protest by students in Texas against RFID tracking. Guests on today’s show include; Larry Grathwohl, the former FBI informant in the “Weather Underground” who revealed the ‘terrorist’ group’s plan, for “re-education camps” and, the liquidation of millions of Americans. Alex also talks with Derrick Broze, a founding member of The “Houston Free Thinkers.” Broze has covered TSA agents working in the Metro rail in Houston, TX.
                   ◊       TOP News Stories of The Day       ↓    
   The Pacific Southwest Region of the US Forest Service, has solicited ammunition that is supposedly needed for target practice. In this instance, the amounts of hollow point bullets, 12 gauge rifle slugs, and other accessories are smaller than the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has requested through other federal agencies. DHS previously ordered more than 63,000,000 rounds of .40 S&W jacketed hollow point bullets (JHP). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published a solicitation for 16,000 rounds of .40 S&W JHP. The Social Security Office has also made a solicitation for 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow point bullets. Earlier this month, DHS requested 700 pounds of high density ammonium nitrate and 700 pounds of A-5 Flake RDX explosives. These ingredients are known to be very high powered explosives. When creating a “makeshift terrorist bomb” ammonium nitrate is an integral ingredient. The DHS was given oversight of procurement of ammonium nitrate after Congress requested they “regulate the sale and transfer of ammonium nitrate by an ammonium nitrate facility…to prevent the misappropriation or use of ammonium nitrate in an act of terrorism.” The Ammonium Nitrate Security Program focuses on preventing a terrorist attack by use of ammonium nitrate in a home-made bomb by requiring that its sale and those that purchase it be registered with the DHS. Purchasers are screened against the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB). While DHS arms itself for alleged target practice, they are releasing a mystery bacteria into the Boston subway system to “test” sensors that detect biological agents in a supposed “terror drill.”
[Go HERE, For The ‘Rest, of The Story’]
Operation Mockingbird 2012: NYT Writer Leaked Story Critical of Obama to CIA: 
E-mails obtained by advocacy group Judicial Watch,” have exposed the fact, that a senior New York Times employee, (who covers national security for the newspaper) provided the CIA with advanced copies of an article, another writer was preparing, that was somewhat critical of the White House, over the upcoming Hollywood propganda lie/film about the “Killing of Usama bin Laden.”
Billboards Warning of Martial Law Go Up in Florida:
Main highway in Ocala, Florida, gets billboard warning of martial law.
Groupon Offers Hugely Successful Multi-state Concealed Carry Gun Permit Class: 
Combined with a Washington license, the Utah permit allows its holders to carry concealed firearms in 33 states.
RNC Protesters Vastly Out Numbered by Cops: Protests squashed,  thanks to high-tech surveillance police state and overwhelming number of cops.
Texas Students Revolt Against Mandatory RFID Tracking Chips: 
Spy tags track kids even AFTER, they leave school.
Would YOU pay, to use ‘Facebook,’ to help investors recover their losses? 
When’s the last time somebody from Wall Street passed a hat to help you out of a financial problem?
Video Shows Cop Kicking Handcuffed, (Tased & Pepper-sprayed) Defenseless Man In The Throat: Police brutality clip from St. Paul, MN. hits YouTube. The ‘peace officer’ responsible for the assault, (Jesse Zilge) has been placed on ‘administrative leave,’ while the incident’s under investigation. 
                                                   (“Shut-up Slave!”)

Financial War Report: Monopolies, Military, Mayhem

The “Keiser Report” (August 30, 2012) Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss panic alarms for the population and medieval screeches about persecution from the corporate welfare class. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks with Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam of the “New England Complex Systems Institute,” about the role of speculation and ethanol in rising food prices and the tipping point to revolution that, (when it happens) could happen in a matter of days, or weeks.
(RT (Home), YouTube, 280 on Dish Network & 103 on Comcast)

‘New World Order’ TSA/Gestapo Thugs, Harasses Ron Paul, (and His Wife) In Florida — TSA Takes Over Bus Station In Tampa, DHS Agents Threaten Journalists — Hurricane ‘Isaac’ Exploited To Acclimate (Slave) Citizens, To Federal Military Role During ‘Natural Disasters’

On this Wednesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Aaron Dykes covers the news and welcomes contemporary artist; Kalen Ockerman (aka; “Mear One”) and, Derrick Broze to the show. Derrick is the founding member of The “Houston Free Thinkers” and is a radio show host of “Freedomizer Radio.”  
                    The Alex Jones’ Show: Wed. August 28, 2012
On this Wednesday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’  Alex runs down the latest news news of the day, (See Links Below) including the latest, on kidnapped USMC veteran, Brandon Raub. He also covers GOP efforts at the RNC, to minimize Ron Paul supporters and their participation at the ‘dog and pony’ show, in Tampa, Florida. Also, Alex talks with Steve Quayle, radio talk show host, photographer and author of several books, including; “Breathe No Evil,” a primer, for understanding bioterrorism. Alex also talks with Doug Hagmann, Director of Field Operations for the “Northeast Intelligence Network,” an anti-terrorist website, developed in response to the September 11th, 2001 attacks. (See yesterday’s “Infowars Nightly News” for links and details.) 
                     ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   
‘New World Order’ TSA/Gestapo Thugs,
Harass Congressman Ron Paul, (and His Wife) In Florida.
   On departing the RNC in Tampa, Ron Paul, his wife and grand-daughter, were subjected to ridiculous, (and totally UNcalled for) harassment by the TSA, at a small airport in Clearwater, Florida. Eight, (8) TSA goons, told the Paul entourage, they would need to be ‘screened,’ before being allowed to leave, … BECAUSE, ‘Mittens’ Romney, might be nearby. … The  ridiculous insinuation was quite obvious, — Ron Paul and his family, posed a ‘terroist threat’ to the GOP presidential, (Puppet-elect) candidate. Anyway, After a protracted examination of Ron Paul’s credentials, the agents demanded, that they also, be allowed to, “check the airplane for explosives.” The incident ended, after Ron Paul’s wife Carol, (who has an implanted heart pacemaker) adamantly refused, to be “screened,” (or Groped”) by the Transportation “Security” A-Holes, while an aide started taking video. … (Grab, The ‘Rest of This Story,’ HERE!)
NATO Plot To Use Ambulances As Cover For Humanitarian Invasion of Syria: 
False flag chemical weapons attack to frame Assad finalized.
Destroying Internet Freedom by Taxation: Who can be against extending the total Google/Facebook surveillance society at taxpayers’ expense?
VIDEOs: TSA Takes Over Bus Station In Tampa, DHS Agents Threatens Journalists: 
Reporters forced to show papers or be “detained for 72 hours” by Homeland Security.
High-tech “Police State Hardware” Rolled Out, At Tampa, For RNC: 
So much for the Secret Service claims, that drones won’t be used, during the event.
Hurricane Isaac Exploited to Acclimate Citizen-slaves To Federal Military Role in Natural Disasters: 35,000 troops stand ready for deployment in wake of minor hurricane.
Marine Who Was Kidnapped, Over Facebook Posts: ‘I’m Scared For My Country!’ 
Brandon Raub makes first public comments following ordeal.
Dr. Peter Glidden Exposes Criminal History of the Failed Medical Model:
Dr. Glidden says MD prescribed medicine is the leading cause of death, surpassing deaths by cancer, car accidents, and serial killers.

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Homeland Security’s “Big Sis” Releases ‘Biological Agents’ Into Boston Subway System — The Conspiracy of an Empire: A Letter To Those, Who Serve The Criminal System — Blackhawk Choppers, Engaging In Military ‘Exercises’ Over Minneapolis, Minnesota Skies

On this Tuesday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ Aaron Dykes covers the news and Alex Jones welcomes Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann to the show. “It’s Going Hot!” Those were the ominous opening and closing words from Doug Hagmann’s source inside the Department of Homeland Security, in two separate contacts they had within the last 72 hours. … Readers to his website, (and listeners to his radio program) know this source as; “Rosebud,” a source with access to high levels within the DHS administration.
The Alex Jones’ Show: Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012
On this Tuesday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex covers facets of the police state, (that appear daily) including the latest manifestation in Austin, Texas, where students are being tracked with GPS/RFID technology, and Blackhawk helicopters engaging in military exercises in the skies over Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also discusses events ongoing in Syria and, Iran. Alex’s guest today is Alfred Adask, the publisher of the AntiShyster News Magazine who was identified by the government, as one of the top dozen anti-government activists during the 90s. He was featured on a CBS 60 Minutes segment where he was pigeonholed, as a Sovereign Citizen “guru.”
                    ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   
   DHS, To Release Bacteria In Boston Subway … As A Test.The The Department of Homeland “Security,” will be releasing a “dead bacteria,” into the Boston subway system, in an operation, (or so it says) to test sensors designed to detect biological agents that could be released as part of a “terrorist” attack. Little’s known about what exactly the bacteria consists of, and the DHS has not been forthcoming with any information, saying only that it’s a “non-infectious” material, that’s been “approved, as a food supplement.”  The Boston Globe Reports The Following: “The tests will begin Wednesday and will be held periodically over the next year, at the Harvard and Porter Square stations in Cambridge and the Davis Square station in Somerville.” [More Here ...]
The Conspiracy of an Empire – An Open Letter, To Those Who Serve The System: “Dissent is still the highest form of patriotism!”
•  Black Hawk Helicopters Over Minneapolis Worry Residents:
Concerned observers called media, police last night to report choppers.
  Civilians Told NOT To Fear, The Blackhawk Choppers Over Minneapolis:
“Support our troops” has become the mindless mantra, of the enslaved frogs — that are slowly boiling, in the water of tyranny.
  Foreign Policy Editor Throwing A Fit Over Growing Resistance To “Agenda 21” Saying ‘NO’ to the UN “action plan” (and, all the guises, by which it attempts to slither its way into our personal liberties).

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“Declaration of Independence,” Was/Is Lawful Revolution From Criminal Government — How They Can Brainwash You In A Psych Ward — Prisoner Training: Texas School Kids To Be Tracked With GPS Devices

On this Monday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’  INN anchor Aaron Dykes, covers the news items of the day, including prisoner traning for shool children, as in nine Austin high schools are to be given GPS tracking devices and assigned “mentors,” in a program designed to prevent truancy, — yet one that also illustrates how kids are being treated like prison inmates. Also, information that Lancaster, California is set implement 24/7 “eye-in-the-sky” surveillance, that can spot people from 3 miles away, news that more veterans than just Brandon Raub are being hauled to psychiatric wards, the RNC offering reserved seating for Ron Paul supporters – in the nosebleed section, and more. Aaron also welcomes guest Lloyd Chapman of the American Small Business League, (ASBL).
The Alex Jones’ Show: Monday, Aug. 27, 2012 On this Monday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex covers the latest on the growing number of veterans forcibly sent to mental institutions and, having their firearms taken by the government. Alex also covers the latest “eye in the sky” surveillance technology and other news covering the police state and government corruption. Guests include author, journalist and editor-in-chief of WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah, then Michael J. Murphy, journalist, political activist and co-producer of Why In The World Are They Spraying?” (available here) an investigative documentary into one of the many hidden agendas associated with chemtrails, (or as the establishment calls it; “geo-engineering”) programs. 
                   ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   
  ‘They’ Can Brainwash You, In A Psych Ward!  In the wake of the Batman murders, there is much speculation about what psychiatric drugs James Holmes may have been taking. People are realizing, as never before, the power of these drugs to cause homicidal behavior and damage the brain. In the case of the Marine Corps Veteran, Brandon Raub, the “Facebook thought criminal” who was recently held against his will, in a lockup and threatened with psychiatric drugs, we see how easy it is for the government to kidnap a citizen and, subject him to Soviet-style incarceration. ‘Washington’s Blog’ has presented a compelling round-up of the reality of forced psychiatric care in America. It is clear that the federal government, (on the vaguest of pretexts) can override state laws and put people in psychiatric wards.
[Read The Entire Article HERE ...]

The Declaration of Independence,” Was/Is Lawful Revolution From Criminal Government A lawful revolution is in response to government, that abjectly violates its own laws and, refuses all reasonable offers to return government limits within its own constitution. (Get The ‘Rest of The Story’ Here …)

“We Hold These Truths To Be Self-evident, That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.– Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world. In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
                          –The ‘Declaration of Independence’ (July 4, 1776)

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FCC Launching HUGE, New Internet Tax — Army Ranger Veteran, (Anti-war Activist) Arrested For Filming Police — Former FBI Agent: “The Surveillance State, IS Trashing Our Constitutional Protections”

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Aug. 26th, 2012 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the news of the day, including; the FCC’s HUGE internet tax and takeover plan. Alex also talks about the arrest of former U.S. Army Ranger, (now anti-war activist) Antonio Buehler. Antonio Buehler’s a West Point graduate, who served in the U.S. Army as a 2nd Lieutenant with Charlie Company of the 40th Engineer Battalion and the 1st Armored Division Engineer Brigade. “Airborne Ranger” qualified, Buehler served in Kosovo, Germany and Iraq and was awarded the ‘Bronze Star.’ Alex then covers the unprecedented and outrageous ammunition purchases by various government agencies, as the economy slumps further, while trends analysts warn about social chaos in the streets. He also runs down the state of gun rights and the Second Amendment, as following the shooting outside the Empire State Building in New York and takes a look at the shooting of U.S. embassy personnel in Mexico by ‘trigger-happy’ federales.
             ◊              TOP News Stories of The Day            ↓ 
  Get ready for yet another transfer of wealth, via U.S. government confiscation. The FCC’s ready, to tax internet service, in order to fund its “Connect America” Fund boondoggle. This scheme is nothing new. … “Consumers already pay a fee on their landline and cellular phone bills, to support the FCC’s Universal Service Fund.” The “Service Fund” was devised, (as yet another grand socialist enterprise) “to ensure that everyone in the country, has access to telephone service, even if they live in remote areas.” Numerous companies, including AT&T, Sprint and even Google, support for the idea and, (as is usually the casewith criminals) the mega-corporations support this brazen theft.
“‘Fascism,’ (‘Fascismo’) should more appropriately be called ‘Corporatism’ because, it is a merger of state and corporate power.” –Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini,
(Italy’s Fascist Dictator, From 1922 – 1943)

Austin, TX. U.S. Army Ranger Veteran, (Now Anti-war Activist) Arrested For Filming Police: “Peaceful Streets Project” founder, Antonio Buehler, was kidnapped and caged, for exercising his first amendment rights, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, that he swore an oath to defend, — against ALL enemies, — Both Foreign And DOMESTIC.
Disbelief In Grand Enemies - The End of National Myths In A Dying World: 
The old world is dying, and the new one faintly appears in the distance.
Former FBI Agent: Surveillance State Trashing Constitutional Protections: 
Former decorated undercover FBI agent, Mike German, explains how the national security state, in league with local law enforcement, is secretly targeting Americans for political views and activities perceived as a threat to the political establishment. … Surveillance of any political activity, that has now been considered,  as aberrant by the state, has reached a new phenomenal level.
Daraya Residents Dispute Claim, Massacre Carried Out by Syrian Army:   WARNINGGRAPHIC IMAGES: The (NATO, Bankster-run) ‘mainstream media presstitutes’ claim, “the Syrian military, was responsible for a massacre in the town of Daraya,” — however, the residents of Daraya have a different point of view…
Veiled Threats By Prominent Neo-Malthusians: “Cull Human Population Or Expect ‘Vast Die-Off’” Call for massive ‘population reduction’ and ‘de-industrialization’ of the west.
“Coast to Coast AM” At Its Best: Alex Jones And a Banking Fraud Special:  
Alex Jones appeared on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, August 24, 2012, for a discussion on threats to free speech, gun control and, the globalist, corporate/bankster takeover — of The United States of America.
The U.S. Gov’t Is Following The ‘Stalinist Model’ For Detaining Veterans Under NDAA: 
There are currently, (at least) 20 more cases in his county alone, that are similar in nature, to USMC Veteran, Brandon Raub’s abduction and subsequent detention.

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Financial War Report: Debt Bomb

The “Keiser Report” (August 25, 2012) Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss CNBC swooning for ‘Biebanke,’ Warren Buffett waving many red flags and tax revenue plummeting in the UK, after a dose of ‘Georgie Porgie’s’ bubble and fraud pudding. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks with Dominic Frisby, resident gold bug at Moneyweek, about debt bombs and the City of London. They also discuss how North Sea oil enabled the big bang and how a property bubble could undo it.
(RT (Home), YouTube, 280 on Dish Network & 103 on Comcast)

Max Keiser‘s “On The Edge”
With Economics Professor, Steve Keen (Aug 25,)
(From “Wikipedia”) Steve Keen, is a professor in economics and finance, at the University of Western Sydney. He classifies himself, as a post-Keynesian, criticizing neoclassical economics as inconsistent, unscientific and empirically unsupported. The major influences on Keen’s thinking about economics include; John Maynard Keynes, Hyman Minsky, Piero Sraffa, Joseph Alois Schumpeter, and François Quesnay. He also gives credit to Marx for contributing to the “financial instability hypothesis” of Hyman Minsky. His recent work mostly concentrates on mathematical modeling and simulation of financial instability. He’s a Fellow at the Centre for Policy Development.

“Martial Law 9/11: Rise Of The Police State” (A Documentary)

Out of the ashes of the September 11th 2001 tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen. The Constitution has been shredded and now America, is a full-blown, Police State. This (2005) documentary film, exposes not just who was actually behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of the criminal globalist orchestrators.
(You Can Purchase This Eye-opening DVD, Here…)

Need More (Recent) Information?   This episode of TruTV’s “Conspiracy Theory” Was Aired Only ONCE.
The Government Erased This episode from all TiVos while instructing TruTV,
To Never Show This Episode on Television, EVER Again. …

“Gray State: ‘By Consent or Conquest’” (The Movie With A Warning, of Things To Come.)

Official Trailer: (GrayStateMovie.Com)

  “GRAY STATE” is a vision of the near-future dystopia, in which abusive government has delivered the ‘coup de grâce’ to the American way of life, that you have known and loved. The last vestiges of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, along with the laws that protect you from tyranny, have been shredded in a public display of raw, authoritarian power, which YOU have enabled — through generations of ignorance, denial, inaction, complacency and, apathy.
  Now, federalized FEMA and National Guard troops patrol the streets, while TSA thugs move checkpoints to our streets and highways. Militarized police funnel our tax dollars, into military-grade armored vehicles, surveillance equipment, and weapons, for the sole purpose of suppressing all dissent. Under police state lockdown and martial law — The Gray State Rules. The battle has turned to ‘The Homeland’ — where American citizens are the main target. “Gray State” IS The Reality, That Can NOT Be Ignored. …
It IS coming — Either by Consent, or Conquest.

Remember Seeing These MTV Warnings?

“Oath Keepers” To Place Billboard Near Army Base, Protesting Article Demonizing The Tea Party Movement, (Homeland Security Claim: “Tea Party Movement, To Join Forces With Al-Qaeda” — Empire State Building Shooting: More Fodder For The ‘Gun-grabbers!’

On this Friday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ following the news of the day, Alex interviews Stewart Rhodes, founder of “Oath Keepers,” a nationwide organization consisting of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, peace officers, as well as veterans, and civil servants, who swore an oath, to; “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” … The Oath, IS To The United States Constitution, … NOT To The Criminal Banking Institutions, Globalist Corporations and Corrupt Politicians. Then, Darrin McBreen welcomes U.S. Air Force Veteran, Kristen Meghan, (YouTube: iamkristenmeghan) to discuss the Brandon Raub’s abduction and subsequent committal to a psychiatric ward against his will. Kristen had contacted the V.A. facility in Salem Virginia, where Brandon was transferred. (The V.A. claimed they had “no record” of a Brandon Raub.)
The Alex Jones’ Show: Friday, August 24, 2012 On this Friday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex covers the abduction and disappearance of former Marine Brandon Raub, who was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward, for the thought-crime of criticizing the government and the privately-owned Federal Reserve. He talks with attorney John Whitehead, (who defended Raub) of the Virginia-based civil rights organization; “The Rutherford Institute.” Alex also covers the latest news, including the BBC war crime cover-up controversy and Republicans flirting with the idea of a return to the gold standard. Actor and author Richard Belzer [W/S] returns to the show. Mr. Belzer has an expansive career as an actor and has appeared in NBC police dramas such as “Homicide: Life on the Street” and, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Mr. Belzer is also the co-author of the book; “Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country’s Most Controversial Cover-Ups.”
                     ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   
  Oath Keepers To Place Billboard Outside Ft. Leavenworth, To Protest The “Small Wars Journal” article, Demonizing ‘Tea Party’ as Future “Enemy” of U.S. Military: ‘Oath Keepers’ is putting up a billboard right outside the main gate of the Fort Leavenworth Kansas installation, to respond directly to the “Small Wars Journal” article, by Leavenworth instructor Colonel Kevin Benson, which paints the ‘Tea Party’ movement, as a future military opponent during domestic “CONUS” operations by the U.S. military. You can read more on that article, HERE and HERE. Oathkeepers need more $, to post billboards illustrating Colonel Benson’s article labeling the ‘Tea Party’ as; “The Bad Guys.”
Oh, … By The Way, (Just So You Know);
Web-Search: “Homeland Security Claim: Tea Party Movement, To Join Forces With Al-Qaeda” 
(WOW! How Crazy Is THAT Claim?!)
AND, If THAT‘s Not Enough:
“Homeland Security Report Lists ‘Liberty Lovers’ As Terrorists”

Lawyer: 20 More Cases Similar to Brendon Raub Ongoing: 
Veterans are being targeted, in aftermath of Homeland Security smear campaign.
America’s Descent into Poverty: Homeland Security, is collecting sufficient ammunition to keep dispossessed Americans well under control.
Veteran Declared ‘Mentally Defective,’ Has Guns Seized: 
News of similar case emerges day after release of Brandon Raub.
Brandon Raub: Persecuted for Telling the Truth About the (NON) Federal Reserve:
Raub wrote on Facebook, that the Federal Reserve, has “designed a system to crush the middle class between taxes and inflation.”

Empire State Building Shooting: More Fodder For The Gun-grabbers:  
Government gun-grabbers will undoubtedly exploit the latest shooting and call for a new round of restrictive regulations.
Customer Deposits, Are Now Considered As, Property of the Bank: Close Your Account NOW.  Your money is now, ‘up for grabs’ by the banks, at their discretion, without any explanation to the customer – nor, is the bank obligated to ‘recoup’ the customer, should they “lose” those funds, due to bad loans, bankruptcy or stock market loss. Now’s the time to close your bank account. …

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The ‘West Nile’ Virus: “They” ARE Lying To You, Yet AGAIN — Feds Expand Trapwire Surveillance Tech to Local Cops — DHS and FBI: Anarchists May Use IEDs at Conventions, (‘False-Flag Operation’ Alert!)

On this Thursday evening edition of the ‘Infowars Nightly News,’ (Infowars’ newest) INN reporter Dan Bidondi, covers the news of the day, after which, Alex welcomes John Whitehead [W/S] of “The Rutherford Institute” to the show, to talk about Brandon Raub’s release, after a Circuit Court judge Dismissed the case against Brandon, a Marine veteran who was arrested and detained in a veterans Admin. Psych Ward, over his political views and song lyrics, posted on Facebook. One of the psychiatrists that was ‘treating’ Raub, threatened to “brainwash” him and force him to take mind-altering medications. Attorney John Whitehead, is an author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights. The Institute offers free legal services to those who have had their rights threatened or violated and has a network of affiliate attorneys across the United States and funds its efforts through donations. Then, Alex welcomes psychological warfare expert, Dr. Steve Pieczenik. [W/S] During his career as a senior State Department official, Dr. Pieczenik utilized his unique abilities and expertise to develop strategies and tactics that were instrumental in resolving major conflicts in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe as well as the United States. 
The Alex Jones’ Show: Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012 On this Thursday edition of the ‘Alex Jones’ Show,’ Alex covers the latest news, including Lubbock County Judge Tom Head’s warning, if Obama gets re-elected, there will be a civil war in America. He also covers the BBC censoring a video of Syrian rebels forcing a prisoner to become a suicide bomber, Obama’s Labor Department spending $500,000 in stimulus money on a “green jobs” ad, to be broadcast on friendly liberal television shows, and the TSA rifling through bags at a Paul Ryan event. Alex also talks with Jamie Balagia, a trial attorney known as the “DWI Dude.” Balagia’s a former Austin police officer known for going head-to-head in court over spurious charges brought by predatory cops and prosecutors. He’s lauded for his work in social activism, civil rights, and police accountability. Alex also talks with the journalist/blogger “Syrian Girl” about the globalist overthrow/takeover of her native country.
                  ◊        TOP News Stories of The Day        ↓   
   The government PR machine has swung into high gear, promoting the “West Nile” disease. It’s a “national outbreak.” 1138 cases in 38 states. 41 deaths. Planes are spraying toxic aerial pesticides. Never mind, the US Centers for Disease Control claims 36,000 people die every year from ordinary seasonal flu—and there are no announcements of an “epidemic” or an “outbreak.” Never mind that the World Health Organization (WHO) claims between 250,000 and 500,000 people die every year from ordinary seasonal flu—and this isn’t called an “epidemic” or an “outbreak.” If you added up the death count from all the hyped and predicted epidemics of the last decade, including West Nile, SARS, bird flu, weaponized smallpox, and Swine Flu, the total would come to about one year of deaths in the US from ordinary flu. But Hey, … who cares about the facts? What’s important, is how much fear can be generated. That’s the statistic that counts, when you’re talking about the CDC or, the WHO. (Read On …)
Spirit of Etsy: Crush Healthy Products As Illegal Drugs: Goliath Internet venue Etsy cracks down on selling of natural health and beauty products.
Judge Orders Release of Detained Marine Veteran, Who posted 9/11 official story doubts on Facebook: Judge: petition for detention, contains no facts.
Feds Expand Trapwire Surveillance Tech to Local Cops: 
There’s no law regulating law enforcement use of facial recognition technology.
TSA Swabbing Fliers’ Hands For Explosives During ‘Chat Downs’: 
Journalist details ordeal at hands of ‘behavioral detection officer’.
Tampa Jail Cleared To House RNC Protesters: 
Inmates moved to make room for demonstrators.
DHS and FBI: Anarchists May Use IEDs at Conventions: Improbable IED attacks will be used as excuse to round out police state and surveillance apparatus.
The Manufactured U.S. Veteran Threat, Against Globalist ‘Puppet’ Obama, That Will Justify Martial Law: Forget about ‘Al-Qaeda’ and state-sponsored radicalized Muslims.
Texas Judge Warns: “Obama Re-Election, Could Lead To Civil War” “I’m thinking the worst. … Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe.”
Cop Shoots California Woman, … In Her Own Backyard: Victim’s father: “I’m pissed off as hell! … A cop could have very easily killed my daughter!”

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  Ω The “No Agenda” Show:  W/‘Crackpot & Buzzkill’ Thursday, Aug. 23rd (Enjoy!)


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