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Ghost From The Past – Former Member of Naval Intelligence – The Whistleblower, Who Paid Dearly

William Cooper: On The  Shadow Government & Alien Agenda Former naval intelligence officer, William (‘Bill’) Cooper,
(Born: Milton William Cooper, on May 6, 1943 – Killed on November 6, 2001) had layed-out the government plans for the ultimate ‘false-flag’ operation — A bogus Alien Invasion, ‘in the works’ for many, many years. (Bill Cooper was a member of the Naval Intelligence Briefing Team’ for the ‘Commander in Chief,’ of the Pacific Fleet.) Bill Cooper, (who served in the U.S. Air Force, before he joined the U.S. Navy) blew his ‘Top Secret’ security clearance, by putting together a press conference, where he laid out the structure of this country’s ‘Shadow Government,’ tracing its roots to the UFO/Alien agenda cover-up(s) that began in the 1940s-1950s.

Bill was very concise and explicit, naming names and documentation, offices and meetings from the 50s, on down to the1970s. He literally ripped the lid of the cover-up, telling his audience, that he’d probably be killed for this. … He Was. This brilliant, decorated military career man, left Naval Intelligence in 1975. By his own admission, he was unable to reconcile what he’d learned while in Naval Intelligence, about Alien control and secret combinations within, over our (shadow) government. He refused to serve the anti-constitutional “Military Industrial Complex” run by NAS/CIA, the New World Order and, (as a result) resigned. 

After this, he began to leak information, often receiving threats on his life, (and family) for doing so. He continued undaunted, but was increasingly harassed for his outspoken ‘whistleblowing.’ He decided he could no longer hold back what he’d learned and began blowing the whistle even louder on the whole charade, naming people’s names, dates places, etc. — Everything he had learned. Apparently, that was the final straw. William Cooper’s stunning presentation was bound to get him killed, and he knew it, stating this before his live audience. If anyone thinks this man’s statements were exaggerated, ask yourself — WHY he was killed? Bill was killed by the Apache County Sheriffs Department, during a raid on his home in November of 2001, (about 2 months after 9/11). He’s buried on a hill in Eagar, Arizona. There is tight security surrounding the details, of the actual incident resulting in his death.
[William Cooper In California: “The Porterville Presentation”]

(Part-1, 1:45:16)  (Part-2, 1:55:50)  (Part-3, 2:00:54)
(Part-4, 1:56:43)  (Part-5, 1:53:31)  (Part-6, 1:32:08)


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