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The Fed Under Fire:

The Fed Under Fire:
“The Federal Reserve Is The Black Hole In American Democracy”
This is one of the most impressive short-vids I’ve ever seen. This short film, features Ron Paul, Wlliam Greider, Dennis Kucinich, Darrell Issa and Alan Grayson. This isn’t some “conspiracy theory-laden” doubtful screed … not one word of hyperbole.
William Greider
adds a nice touch to the debate, considering he wrote the original Fed Bible, “Secrets of The Temple.” The Federal Reserve is one of the most powerful and secretive institutions in Washington, long considered beyond the reach of lawmakers. But now, as details emerge of how the Fed secretly doled out more than a trillion dollars during the financial crisis, a rare bipartisan movement in Congress demands that the ‘Fed’ be held accountable.
(Go HERE, To Visit; “AMERICA: The ‘Bank$ter’ Takeover and You”)


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