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Why Isn’t ‘Wall Street’ In Jail?

Financial Crooks Brought Down The World’s Economy, The Feds Are Doing More To Protect Them, Than To Prosecute Them!

Go HERE, To Read The (6 Page) RollingStone Article …  
                    ~WEBMASTER RANT ~
Why isn’t Wall Street in jail? Their ‘clemency’ started a long time ago with Ronnie, (There-you-go-again) Reagan — who deregulated everything, making Corporate thievery even more legal than it was before. What Reagan didn’t deregulate, Bill, (I-didn’t-have-sex-with-that-woman) Clinton put the icing on the cake for Wall Street, getting rid of the “Glass-Steagall” Act,  so their Corporate cronies could freely hijack the American economy. Then, President (Howdy-Doody) Bush, sat on his wooden behind for eight years, twiddling his wooden thumbs, burying his wooden head in the sand dune of corporate greed, as Wall Street pulled the puppet strings, ravaging not only the U.S. economy, but the world economy as well. The worst world economic downturn since the Great Depression: Impacting the quality of life for billions of people. JAIL? There’s no hole deep enough, to throw such criminals. We’ve all heard people say; “we could face an economic catastrophe, almost as bad as the Great Depression.” That’s Not True … When the Great Depression hit, this country was effectively self-sufficient. Today, we’re so dependent upon foreign sources of food, energy and material, that when our currency crashes, our agriculture, our energy production, and our ability just to distribute critical goods throughout the country will grind to a halt. We’re looking at a “Mad Max” scenario — only worse. I don’t expect all of you to believe me. However, if you just check out a few of the things I’ve said and shown you, and you come to your own conclusions, then the time I’ve spent on this post, will be well worth it.
Good luck to us all … We’re Gonna Need It.


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