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“Taxi To The Dark Side”

“Taxi To The Dark Side” (1hr-19min)
“Taxi To The Dark Side” is a 2007 Academy Award-nominated documentary film, directed by American filmmaker Alex Gibney. The film focuses around the controversial DIC, (‘Death In Custody’) of an Afghan taxi driver, named Dilawar. Dilawar was beaten to death by American soldiers, while being held in ‘extrajudicial detention’ at the Bagram Air Base. “Taxi To The Dark Side” also goes on to examine America’s policy on torture and interrogation in general, specifically the CIA’s use of torture and their research into sensory deprivation. There is description of the opposition to the use of torture from its political and military opponents, as well as the defense of such methods; the attempts by Congress to uphold the standards of the Geneva Convention forbidding torture; and the popularization of the use of torture techniques in shows such as 24. The film is said to be the first film to contain images taken within Bagram Air Base. On November 19, 2007, “Taxi To The Dark Side” was named by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as one of 15 films on its documentary feature Oscar shortlist, and was ultimately one of five films nominated for a prize in the “Best Documentary Feature” category … The film did go on to win the Academy Award for Best Documentary feature. (The film is said to be the first film to contain images taken within Bagram Air Base.)

“Taxi To The Dark Side” is part of the “Why Democracy?” series, which consists of ten documentary films from around the world, questioning and examining contemporary “democracy.” As part of the series, “Taxi To The Dark Side” was broadcast in over 30 different countries around the world, from October 8-18, 2007. The BBC cut the film to 79 minutes for broadcast. In my humble opinion, not the best cutting and editing job, (video/sound do not match-up perfectly) … but it gets the point across, just the same.
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“Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” (1hr-18min)

Award winning documentary filmmaker Rory Kennedy explores the human and political consequences of one of the most bitter scandals of the war in Iraq in this feature. In the 1960′s, a prison was built in Abu Ghraib, an Iraqi city west of Baghdad, and during the regime of Saddam Hussein it became a center of torture and abuse where political dissidents were subjected to agonizing punishment or death. Following the United States invasion of Iraq in 2003, the prison was taken over by American military authorities, and was used as a holding facility for prisoners of war and suspected terrorists captured by U.S. forces. The prison’s reputation as a site of widespread abuse rose again when journalists discovered photographs of Iraqi prisoners being tortured and humiliated in an ugly variety of ways by American soldiers, a scandal which had a major impact on international thinking about the war. “Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” offers an in-depth look at the story behind the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, featuring interviews with observers on both sides of the national divide. “Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” received its world premiere at the 2007.
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