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Fukushima Japan, Nuclear Disaster Explained:

Self Professed “Nerd,” (Hank Green) Explains,
The Fukushima Japan, Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
(“Nerdy To The Power of Awesome!”)
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In short, fission products continually decay, (in both active and spent fuel rods) creating enough heat to melt themselves. The coolant systems that would prevent this from happening, were disabled by the earthquake/tsunami. Cracks in the fuel rods, created an environment allowing hydrogen to form, which concentrated and then exploded several times, destroying both the primary and secondary containment structures at at least one reactor. … The result is, the reactor needs to remain cooled, or else radiation from the ‘meltdown’ will be released to the environment, in significant quantities. The people working to keep the reactor from overheating, are risking their lives to do so, and we all hope they’ll be able to stabilize the reactor without too much harm to themselves, or the enviroment.

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Mike, (“The Health Ranger”) Adams’ Website: NaturalNews.Com Alex Jones’ Websites: InfoWars.Com & PrisonPlanet.Com

From: Mike Adams – March 16, 2011
NaturalNews has received information directly from an American who happened to be in Tokyo at the time of the nuclear incident and who also happens to have a background in atomic energy and nuclear reactors. He has sent us some extremely disturbing information that seems to indicate the situation with the reactors in Japan is far, far worse than what the conventional media is describing. We are not releasing this individual’s name for obvious reasons (he’s still in Tokyo and virtually unreachable), but he is an individual who is known to me personally and with whom I have spent a considerable number of hours over a period of two years. He is a very high-integrity individual and someone who is also extremely well connected in the world of advanced medicine.

In an e-mail sent from Tokyo, this individual explains:

“…nuclear reactors use bundles of enriched uranium packed into stainless steel fuel rods in order to generate the heat that drives the turbines. You need to keep these bundles of pins cool otherwise they melt or burst.

Now, it seems the Fukushima power plant pulled spent fuel bundles (a collection of fuel rods) and stored them on site rather than shipping them to another location. Speculation is that in addition to the fires that are damaging the working reactor, these storage areas of their spent fuel bundles could [now] be on fire. This vastly compounds the problem of any meltdown, as this spent fuel will add to the contamination [because] it is extremely toxic.

In other words, as well as dealing with a potential meltdown, you also have the toxic products from the depleted fuel pins adding to the pollution. This is extraordinarily bad. The spent fuel bundles should have been relocated away from the reactor core a long, long time ago. Given the earthquake realities of Japan, these reactor building were basically dirty bombs waiting to be set off by a [natural] disaster.”

I want to thank this individual for his continued reporting from Tokyo and assure him that if he chooses to send more information to NaturalNews, we will of course continue to protect his anonymity.

Nuclear Plant Becomes ‘Dirty Bomb’ Waiting To Go Off:
The upshot of his assessment of the situation is that the Fukushima power plant is now a “dirty bomb” waiting to happen. And it’s on fire right now. Radiation levels are rising so rapidly that it’s not even safe to work near the plant. This is very rapidly headed into a situation where suicidal volunteers are going to have to “rush in” and do some work on the plant, spend only a few minutes there, then evacuate as quickly as possible. And they’ll still get cancer. This is exactly what happened in Chernobyl following the accident there in 1987. Hundreds of brave volunteers basically committed suicide in order to erect the containment vessel over the melted-down reactor and thereby prevent further radiation from escaping directly into the environment.
INFOWARS Article: “Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant In Japan, A Dirty Bomb Waiting To Go Off” 

Nuclear Radiation Is GOOD For You!

Complete IDIOT/Neocon Ann Coulter, poured scorn on growing fears over the radioactive fallout from Japan’s nuclear crisis, by claiming that “radiation is good for you.” Coulter became the latest ‘celebrity’ to create a stir, over controversial remarks on the nuclear disaster in Japan. The Neocon was attempting to quell concerns, that a radiation ‘plume’ was due to hit America’s West Coast, after travelling 5,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean from the damaged reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. “There is a growing body of evidence that radiation in excess of what the government says are the minimum amounts we should be exposed to are actually good for you and reduce cases of cancer,” she told FOX News TV host, Bill O’Reilly. Coulter pointed out articles in the New York Times and The Times of London, to back up her argument. “So we should all be heading for the nuclear reactor leaking and kind of sunbathing,” joked O’Reilly. Coulter was speaking after writing a column on her website,  titled, “A Glowing Report on Radiation.”


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