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 “One Mainframe to Rule them All” is a breathtaking rundown of the human micro-chipping agenda … Concise and effective, it breaks down the coming global information ‘control grid’ in horrifying detail. Scarier than any horror movie could be, because it’s REAL and documented. (Including Hitlers birthday party.) Greg Nikkolettos is a journalist, film producer and webmaster for “We The People Will Not Be Chipped.” In his film; “One Mainframe to Rule them All,” he exposes the powers and dark history behind the Verichip Corporation, (now  known as; “PositiveID” Corporation) the first company to move forward with an internal (implantable) RFID capable system, (the “VeriChip”). The film is based on exposing IBM’s role, as the key fiscal sustainer for Verichip Corp. IBM created the “Hollerith Tabulator,” (or, “Hollerith punch-card system” that was Invented in 1890, for use compiling the Census)  This punch-card system could store all the information about individuals, places, products, inventories, schedules, in the holes that were punched, (or not punched) in columns and rows. This system was used in Nazi Germany, for the purpose of keeping track of persons to be ‘sorted out’ and introduced into the Nazi concentration camps, while playing a major part of the German war effort against the U.S. and the allies.

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