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United Nations Nuclear Bank

The media hailed Warren Buffett last December, for donating $50 million dollars, toward a United Nations ‘nuclear bank’ with control over uranium enrichment.  The intent, is control over nuclear weapons and nuclear power by the ‘elites,’ who are the true forces behind the United Nations.

The United Nations Nuclear Bank will be under the authority of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is NOT independent; it was created through a UN ‘treaty’ and answers to the UN and the UN Security Council.  The fully funded UN nuclear bank does not require nations to stop uranium enrichment, which was the original plan; however, the final terms have not been set.  The fuel bank will sell enriched uranium for power plants to countries in “good standing“.  Therefore, only countries who kow-tow to the UN and IAEA will be provided with enriched uranium.

The United Nations is a supranational entity that answers to no one.  After WWII, the UN was sold to the public as an voluntary collection of nations committed to peace and ending war.  The UN pretends to vote on issues democratically, but its true goal is a totalitarian world government ruled by the elites at the top.  They are happy to bully countries and go to war over resources, as evidenced by the UN resolution last week to attack Libya.  They claim that war is necessary for peace.

The UN nuclear bank will consolidate power under the UN for nuclear energy and weaponry, which is another piece of United Nations’ Agenda 21, (see video below) the blueprint for TOTAL planetary control and depopulation.

Four things are needed, to take political control over a population (the UN has set its sights on the entire world):
1.  Money
2.  An Army
3.  Control Over The Media
4.  Control Over Education
If you have enough money, (and an army) then control over the media and education are useful, but not essential.
Read The Entire Article, From ‘Morph City’ HERE!

A Brief ‘Run-down’ of  The United Nations’ “Agenda 21”


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