News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

CNN Segment Titled; “The New World Order”

CNN featured a round table debate on Libya intervention, entitled “The New World Order,” that promoted NWO acolytes Richard Haass of the CFR and Robert Kagan of PNAC, as well as Jane Harman, who mentions the work of former Bilderberg / CFR diplomat, Richard Holbrooke.
Check-in (periodically) at the YouTube channel of “SaveOurSovereignty3” for other alarming NWO propaganda broadcasts, (Now, Out In The Open & In Your Face) in the ‘mainstream.’ Just a Few Years Ago, you were thought of, as a “nut,” a “kook” or a “wack-job” if you talked about the NWO. Now? Well, there ya go. …


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