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Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

“Al Qaeda” 100% Pentagon Run
Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes –

In the below video, Alex Jones terms the “Al Qaeda” intelligence operation a ‘Swiss army knife’ for destabilization … Simply put, it’s a tool to foment crisis, that allows the globalists to offer up a solution in variable contexts. Today, ‘freelancers‘ in Libya; yesterday, terrorists in the ‘War on Terror.’ Before that, allies against Serbia; in the 80s, Freedom Fighters. The shadowy enemy supposedly run by Osama bin Laden and top jihadists like Anwar al-Awlaki is really an extension of U.S. foreign policy and the Pentagon. Al Qaeda shifts across the geopolitical chessboard at the will of its masters in the allied-international intelligence ring. Their identity shifts from terrorists to freedom fighters on command. It is perhaps government’s greatest hoax… and but the tactic is one of the oldest tricks in the book for any power-seeking State. For the average person who has lived through the phony ‘War on Terror’ — a post-9/11 age of fear, that has swirled around the persona of bin Laden, it may be quite confusing to now read headlines like Libya: the West and “Al Qaeda” on the same side. Indeed, the rebel forces trying to topple Gaddafi admittedly include more than 1,000 al Qaeda soldiers while enjoying total backing– weapons, planes, funding and forces– from the U.S., Britain, NATO and other allies. The CIA and British SAS forces that are now “officially” entering Libya, sent in for covert ground support as well…were secretly operating at least a month before the U.S. attacked Libya for “humanitarian” reasons.

A.J. on Russia Today, where he covered the topic.

Obama Authorizes Secret Support For Libyan Rebels 

A CIA Commander For The Libyan Rebels

Libyan Rebel Leader Admits Connection to CIA al-Qaeda Asset in Iraq 

Former Libyan “Al Qaeda” Leader: There Are 1000 jihadists Amongst Rebels

9/11 Mastermind Invited to Pentagon

Al Qaeda Leader Dined at the Pentagon Just Months After 9/11

Contrived Propaganda Tapes Reveal War On Terror Fraud

Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex

Al-Zarqawi Video Is A Pentagon Propaganda Psy-Op

11 Reasons Why The Threat From Al-Qaeda is Not Real

Who is behind “Al Qaeda in Iraq”? Pentagon acknowledges fabricating a “Zarqawi Legend”


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