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‘FLASH-BACK:’ DHS Targets “Right-wing” (Conservatives) as “Terrorists”

DHS Targets “Right-wing” (Conservatives) as “Terrorists”

Beware of The Department of Homeland ‘Security’ Training for Law Enforcement … So, just how, DOES a United States ‘Citizen’ Qualify, as a Potential “Domestic Terrorist?”

• Expressions of libertarianism, (or, “Right-wing extremist” philosophies (statements made in public and, (or) bumper stickers)

• Defenders of the U.S. Constitution and ‘Bill of Rights‘ – frequent references to the documents and their meanings

• Declarations of Constitutional rights and American civil liberties

Second Amendment-oriented views: NRA (or any other ‘gun club‘) membership and, (or) holding a CCW permit

Returning veterans are a ‘terrorist threat’
(See “Veterans Disarmament Act”)

Survivalist literature: fictional books such as “Patriots” and “One Second After” (mentioned by name)

Self-sufficiency and preparation: stockpiling food, ‘heirloom’ (organic) Seeds, ammo, hand tools, medical supplies

Fear of economic collapse (talking about/warning others, buying gold/silver and barterable items)

• Religious views concerning the ‘second coming‘ and, (or) the book of Revelation, (apocalypse, the Anti-Christ and Christ’s return).

• Expressed fears of ‘Big Brother‘ or ‘big government



• Those who participate in and, (or) listen to; “Alternative Media.”

• Those who believe in a ‘New World Order,’ (or) ‘International Order’) “conspiracy”

(Google Search: “DHS Right-wing extremist – Terrorist threat lexicon document”)
Front Image of ‘MCSOT ‘Terrorist Flyer’Back of Image

“My Guess Is, The Sentiments Revealed In The DHS Report That I’ve Read, Are Just The Tip of An Iceberg, That The DHS Would Prefer To Keep Submerged, Until It Needs To Reveal It … THIS Iceberg, Is, The Heavy-hand of Government … A Government With Large and Awful Eyes, In Whose Heart There Is No Love For Freedom, and, On Whose Face, There Is NO Smile.”
~ Judge Andrew Napolitano ~  

(FOX – Andrew Napolitano’s  “Freedom Watch” )
Please Read The Following Article, (By Judge Napolitano):
6 Things You Should Know,
About The DHS ‘Right-wing Extremism’ Report


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