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Nazi Delaware DOT Removes Basketball Hoops, (In Entire neighborhood)

Delaware Police lie to man on camera, and then rip out his basketball hoop (and ALL the other neighborhood ‘hoops’)!
With local governments unable to afford teachers and basic infastructure, Delaware spends taxpayer money, to have This Blond NAZI B!TCH tear basketball hoops out of peoples’ yards, (ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY)?! … But then … I might be defaming the Nazis. Is anyone able to document that Hitler, (or Joe Stalin for that matter) told their ‘citizens’ what sporting equipment they could, or could not have on their own property? … Anyone?

‘Modern America’ Too Cose To 1933 Germany?

HOA Wants Kids Banned From Playing Outside
Edgewater Homeowners Association To Vote On Proposal April 27
Central Florida homeowners association is preparing to vote on banning children from playing outside. The revamped rules and regulations are being considered by the HOA at the Persimmon Place subdivision on North Ridgewood Avenue in Edgewater. The neighborhood consists of 48 townhomes surrounded by a parking lot and little room for children to play. “I think it’s ridiculous. I think the kids should be allowed to play,” a resident said. “I think people forgot what it was like to be a kid and want to go outside and play,” said resident Shawna Magee, who is fighting the proposal. The HOA board said the proposed rule, which will carry a $100 fine for every violation, is all about safety.  The proposal states that “minor children will be under the direct control of a responsible adult at all times,” and it would also ban the game of tag, skateboarding, Big Wheels, loud or obnoxious toys on “common property.” “You think there is an agenda behind this?” Local 6 reporter Mike Holfeld asked Magee.


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    Really got angry seeing this clip. What is the world coming to? I remember many years playing horse in the afternoon and waiting for our mom’s to call out that supper was ready. Kids won’t even know what a basketball hoop if if that keeps up. What no one is allowed to play unorganized sports. Do kids now have to be “on the radar” as well as adults now. This is madness.

    April 7, 2011 at 10:25 PM

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