News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Resist Your Own Enslavement!

Wall Street spends $119 billion each year to enslave you to plastic cards; Value of having government under the thumbs of Wall Street: PRICELESS!
As a taxpayer you already pay for one currency system: Cash.

But the banks don’t make any money on cash transactions, so they’ve invented another system: Plastic

Advertising for banking, credit and debit card services: $7 billion a year (1)

Computer systems to process plastic transactions: $50 billion a year (2)

814 lobbyists to get laws in their favor: $62.5 million in 2009 (3)

Having the government, taxpayers and customers under your thumb: Priceless.

Use Cash – A peoples’ movement toward banking & monetary reformA simple plan to get change:

Deprive banking and other financial businesses of the income they gain from credit and debit card services, fees, penalties and interest.

By taking a simple action:

Use Cash instead of credit and debit cards.

WARNING: The chance of your “losing cash” is much, much less, than the certainty of your being robbed by plastic card companies charging you interest and penalties.

Warning: It is very difficult for people who pay cash to go into debt.

Resist your own enslavement


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