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Paid Degenerate Liar: Glenn Beck

Paid Degenerate Liar: Glenn Beck
Reestablishing The False Paradigm, (one lie at a time)
(By By Tony Cartalucci @ Land Destroyer Report)                          Beck helped sell the ongoing wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, is a major proponent of war with Iran, Somalia, Libya, and a general clash of civilizations between the West and the over one billion Muslims, that populate the world. He, (along with the rest of the corporate media) has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands, as well as the blood of over a million and a half Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalians, Yemenis … and now, Libyans. For this alone, Beck is an irredeemable degenerate liar, who belongs not in the center of public debate, but inside a concrete-steel, re-enforced jail cell.

Beck Dons Masonic Garb, On TV Broadcast
It was on his Friday, (April 1/11) program, but it was no joke. Glenn Beck, who has announced he will leave Fox News, was blatantly wearing a masonic emblem over his grey sweater, quite a conspicuous clothing accessory. Included in the imagery, is a Mason’s compass, a skull, a scroll & pen, and what appears to be 1681, a possible reference to the year Freemason William Penn founded Philadelphia (later to be, the first capital of the United States) and Pennsylvania. Why would Beck choose this apparel? Is it an obscure reference to colonial founders, or a ‘tip-off’ that his allegiances lie with the secret society ‘elite,’ who have long wielded power and who plan to take over the planet with theirNew World Order?” Glenn Beck has previously been seen sporting a Skull & Bones cummerbund, also a masonic symbol. It is little different than Arnold Schwarzenegger, David de Rothschild (and many others) wearing such symbols while posing for magazines or other media– an act of flaunting their inclusion in elite circles and secret societies over the ignorant public, who are not meant to understand.


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