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Rats Developed Massive Tumors, After Being Fed Aspertame

Rats Developed Massive Tumors, After Being Fed Aspertame: 
Aside from very large and obvious tumors, Victoria also observed a wide range of other adverse effects in her aspartame-fed rats, including: Neurological effects: difficulty walking, falling over … Paralysis, Torticollis (also known as wryneck: neck stiffness associated with muscle spasms, resulting in tilting your head to one side). Symptoms of cerebral palsy, Eye disorders: infected eyes, bleeding, blindness, bulging eyes. Skin disorders: lesions, thinning and yellowing of fur AND … Obesity. Interestingly, she also found evidence suggesting genetic damage.   Victoria Inness-Brown conducted a personal two and a half-year experiment on the effects of aspartame, probably the worst of the artificial sweeteners on the market. Her experiments resulted in the book; “My Aspartame Experiment: Report from a Private Citizen,” as well as the shorter summary version; “Are Your Diet Sodas Killing You? Results from My Aspartame Experiment.”

“SWEET MISERY – A Poisoned World”

“Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” is a straightforward documentary that’s very informative and absolutely necessary, it’s also very distressing and unpleasant. I commend the producers of this work, for their courage to stand up and expose the shocking behavior of big business (and government) and their utter disregard for the greater good … (The public at large). For everyone concerned about their health and knowing that knowledge is power, I Seriously Recommend This Documentary To All.

  Go HERE, To Purchase The Film!

To Get An Idea of Just How Prevalent Aspartame IS;
It can be found in these following products, (just to name a few):
Soft drinks, vitamin & herb supplements, yogurt, instant breakfasts, candy, breath mints, cereals, sugar-free chewing gum, cocoa mixes, coffee beverages, instant breakfasts, gelatin desserts, frozen desserts, juice beverages, laxatives, milk drinks, shake mixes, tabletop sweeteners (NutraSweet & Equal), tea beverages, instant teas and coffees, topping mixes, wine coolers.

Google Search: “The Dangers of Aspartame” 
Google Search: “Diet Coke & Pepsi – Aspartame
Google Video Search: “Rumsfeld’s Disease
Google Search: “Rumsfeld’s Disease

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