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10 Reasons Obama Is As Bad, (or Worse) Than Bush

10 Reasons Obama Is Just As Bad, (or Worse) Than Bush
   George W. Bush was clearly a mentally-challenged puppet of the military/banking/oil elite. The policies put it in place at breakneck speed after 9/11 were provably predetermined by think tanks well in advance. Not that other presidents were any less controlled by this hidden agenda, but there was a noticeable in-your-face quickening of corporate-government tyranny under Bush.

These policies like wars of aggression, illegal surveillance of Americans, torture of detainees indefinitely held without formal charges, unfair “free trade” agreements, and bank bailouts rightfully enraged many progressives during the Bush years. Yet, not only have these policies accelerated under Obama, even more of the draconian playbook is unfolding. After 8 years of Bush’s reign that ended with a record low presidential approval rating in the low 20s, Obama’s promise of “Hope and Change” inspired many beyond mainline progressives. His campaign speeches were so powerful, that they landed him the Nobel Peace Prize, without having done anything for ‘world peace,’ except to offer the idea, so he could get elected. As a Constitutional law professor and attorney, Obama appeared to have a greater understanding of rights and the balance of power, than did flunky Bush.

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