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Libya: Can We Call This A War, YET?

Libya: Increased Airstrikes, Ground Troops, Contractors, Civilians Killed, Deadly Depleted Uranium Munitions – Can We Call This A War Yet? (Steve Watson @ PrisonPlanet.Com)
The globalist coalition refers to it as ‘kinetic military action’, yet as more civilians are  being killed in ‘NATO’ bombings, and with experts adamant, that deadly Depleted Uranium weapons are being used by Western forces, the conflict in Libya looks a hell of a lot, like the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq — all over again. Gulf War veterans Melissa Sterry and Col. Dr. Doug Rokke (PhD – Former Director U.S. Army, ‘Depleted Uranium Project’) tells Russia Today that judging from the destruction they have witnessed in reports out of Libya, it’s extremely likely, that depleted uranium weapons, ARE being used. Both, are experts on the toxic munitions, having been part of clear up teams in Kuwait and Iraq in the early 1990s. If their analysis is accurate, Libyan civilians, just like Iraqis, (particularly in Fallujah, where thousands of DU rounds were used by U.S. forces) face increased levels of cancers, leukemia and birth defects.
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