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POLICE STATE 2011: 6 Year Old Girl Groped Then Drug Tested By TSA

Parents Say, TSA Made It Clear: “There Would Be Trouble” If They Refused, To Allow their 6-Year Old Daughter, To Be Groped, by ‘authorities.’   Coming SOON, To … A Roadside Checkpoint, Mall, or Street Corner Near YOU.  

TSA ‘Agents’ Harass Pasengers (AFTER) Train Trip To Savana GA. 
Preparing/Training The Surfs/Slaves …
For Full Spectrum Dominance & Global Governance 

 April 14, 2011
TSA Gropes 8-Year Old Boy, In Front of Outraged Mother 
From ‘Intel Hub: TSA Gropes 8-Year Old Boy,
As Possible “Terrorist/Security Threat,” Mother Outraged.

All of This,Based Upon, a HUGE LIE! 


“SWAT” Attacks Home-School Mom, For Refusing To Force-Medicate Her Child
Detroit mother Maryanne Godboldo faces multiple felony charges and is being held on $500,000 bond after a 10-hour standoff with a heavily armed police SWAT team. Godboldo was protecting her 13-year-old daughter from unnecessary medication ordered by the state. Godboldo’s daughter was born with a defective foot that required amputation of her leg below the knee, which led to Maryanne becoming a stay-at-home mother after her birth, according to Health Impact News Daily.

Chilling Effect:  TSA ‘Security’ Looks At People Who Complain About … TSA ‘Security’: CNN says, watch what you say about the TSA … It Could Mean, YOU Are, … a “TERRORIST.”

* Complaining About TSA Molestation, WILL Get You “Profiled” As A ‘Terrorist’: Objecting to, (the NWO run) TSA goons, molesting YOUR six year-old daughter, is NOW being characterized as, “contempt against airport passenger procedures.”

* Fox Guest Says, TSA Groping 6 Year-Old OK … It’s ‘For a New World Order’: Comedian Paul Mecurio laughed approvingly about TSA policies: “Adjustments Have To Be Made For A ‘New World Order.’” (Yeah … Ha, Ha, Haa! — IN YOUR FACE – SLAVES!)


2 responses

  1. Don’t put up with this unconstitutional garbage! It’s all worthless security theater that does nothing to keep you “safe”. Boycott Flying ENTIRELY until sanity returns! Please join us on Facebook:

    April 12, 2011 at 12:33 PM

  2. Elliott Street

    security is an illusion
    we are no more safe today than before the false flag operation on 9/11

    darth cheney lives

    April 18, 2011 at 2:19 AM

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