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“Debunking” The Debunker

“Debunking” The Debunker
(by Dan @ CC.C)
One of my ‘pet peeves’ (besides the extreamly annoying pop-up ads) is the ‘urban legend’ debunking site; Snopes.Com … Who, (as I’ve discovered) are obviously under the thumb of ‘the powers that be,’ (‘Snopes’ is heavily financed by George Soros, a ‘big time’ supporter of Barry Obama). I constantly receive e-mails with “verified by Snopes” at the bottom of whatever the subject may be. Usually, these e-mails consist of subject-matter of little, (or no) importance. However sometimes, there are important issues. For example; Simply Type Into Snope.Com’s ‘Search’-Box, The Term; New World Order. See what you get? “A new executive order gives INTERPOL license to operate with impunity within the U.S.” (and) “Did German and British soldiers play soccer during a World War 1?” etc., etc. NOTHING, about a Fully Documented Plot, (The New World Order) to overthrow and take control of the entire populace of planet earth, in order to be ruled by a small hand-full, of globalist criminal ‘elites’ who are now implementing (and using) a high-tech, ‘track and control’ system, so brutal, so invasive, so controlling, so cold-hearted, so tyrannical to the extreme, that Adolf Hitler would have given anything to possess this kind of absolute power. … Now, Do a ‘Google News’ Search on this subject. Need I say More? (Hmm?!)

Only Two Things Are Infinite
The Universe and Human Stupidity,
and I’m Not Sure About The Former.”
~ Albert Einstein ~


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