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Fukushima Radiation Nightmare, May Last Indefinitely?!

Fukushima Radiation Nightmare, May Last Indefinitely!
(BY Kurt Nimmo, @
The Associated Press reports, radiation has spiked in the water tank, in Unit 2. Robots also report that radiation is so high elsewhere at the stricken plant, that it’s too dangerous for workers to be sent in. “Even I had expected high radioactivity in those areas. I’m sure (plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co.) and other experts have factored in those figures when they compiled the roadmap,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said. “The robots can only do so much. Eventually, people will have to enter the buildings,” said Takeshi Makigami, a TEPCO official. Prime Minister Naoto Kan took it on the nose. “You should be bowing your head in apology. You clearly have no leadership at all,” Masashi Waki, a lawmaker from the opposition Liberal Democratic Party, shouted at Kan. “I am sincerely apologizing for what has happened,” Kan said. (Webmaster’s Thought: “We’re Screwed!”)

Grab The WHOLE Story HERE!

* Japan Nuclear Emergency At Fukushima, To Continue, For Six To Nine Months

* Nuclear Expert: Fuksushima 1000 Time Worse, Than Engineers EVER Anticipated


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