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Remembering OKC and Waco

Remembering OKC:
The Bombing of The Alfred P. Murrah Building

WAC-OK: 16th Anniversary of OKC Bombing
(By Andrew W. Griffin @ Red Dirt Report)
OKLAHOMA CITY – Activists with WeAreChange Oklahoma spent Tuesday morning handing out literature to members of the public before, during and after a memorial was held on the 16th anniversary of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing. The memorial event, held on a particularly windy day, was held at what is now the  Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum. Obtaining permits beforehand, the WAC-OK activists also held banners that were critical of the official investigation and subsequent cover-up, despite countless witnesses who saw Timothy McVeigh WITH Other People, before the bombing, among other important issues. “We’re out here because we want to counter the official lie with some truth,” said WAC-OK lead organizer James Lane. “If we’re not out here exposing this to people, by telling that what really happened, then they may never know.” “We owe that to the 168 people who died that day,” Added Lane.

 Videos From The Memory Hole:
OK. City Bombing: Prior Warning, Stand Down & Cover Up:

Dick Morris Reveals Bombshell on Waco & Janet Reno: 

The siege on the Branch Davidian ‘compound in Waco Texas, began on February 28, 1993 ending violently 50 days later, (April 19th) with the murder of almost EVERYONE in the complex.
WACO: The Rules of Engagement

America Wake Up, or Waco


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