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‘Superhero’ Capes For The Unemployed?!

More on this, from WFTV-9 Central FL. TV.Possibly, One of The STUPIDEST Things — EVER?! Taxpayer Funded ‘Job Center’ Spent Tens of Thousands, On Superhero Capes For The Unemployed … Really?! REALLY?!
Before you do anything else, watch this video(if it’s still posted) that tax dollars payed for … WCF, (Workforce Central Florida) gets $24 million annually from federal taxpayers and accomplishes virtually nothing based on their own statistics. Federal and state job training is overfunded, disorganized, and practically useless. There are over 100 federal job-training programs, all pet projects, none of them coordinated. The jobs agency plans to distribute the superhero capes to residents taking part in the agency’s “Cape-A-Bility Challenge” by trying to vanquish “Dr. Evil Unemployment.” Residents of central Florida can win a cape, by becoming a Workforce Central Florida fan on Facebook, taking a Facebook quiz, having a photo taken with a foam cutout of “Dr. Evil Unemployment,” tweeting a job posting, or using ‘LinkedIn,’ to recommend someone using the word “super.” The agency also spent about $2,300 on 12 five-feet-tall foam board cutouts of “Dr. Evil Unemployment.”(More from Central Florida’s WFTV-9.)

WCF Withdraws “Cape-A-Bility Challenge” Campaign


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