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U.S. Gov. “National Detainee” Handbooks, Printed & Delivered, By 4/29/2011

U.S. Government Printing Office, Orders 350,934 “National Detainee” Handbooks, Printed by April 29, 2011
Ok, probably nothing, maybe something, (Could Be, Nothing … Could Be, EVERYTHING).

The U.S. Government needs 350,934 National Detainee Handbooks printed by 29 April 2011. Here’s a 2007 English version of the “National Detainee” Handbook. I don’t know if that’s the same document as what has been ordered below. The GPO solicitation went out on April 18th — the ‘handbooks’ must be delivered by April 29th. Is eleven days a short time for something like this? I have no idea, but clicking on “Jacket Number: 735-412/413” brings up a specification document, which states the following:

Notify Ron Boyum at 312-353-3916 x 17 or at of the delivery status in the morning, 2 days prior to the first shipment to meet the at destination delivery date. This is a time-critical order. For the purpose of this contract, the provision in GPO Contract Terms Pub. 310.2 (Rev. 6-01) for schedule extensions does not apply. No automatic extensions of schedules will be made. All interested contractors must commit to the original schedule. Shipments must be made by a carrier that will guarantee delivery at destination within the specified schedule. Carrier’s “targets” in lieu of “guaranteed” deliveries will not be acceptable.

Via: U.S. Government Printing Office:
Jacket Number: 735-412/413
Bid Opening Date: 10:00 AM, April 18, 2011.
Product: Pamphlets (Spanish and English Versions).
Title: 735-412: National Detainee Handbook: Spanish 735-413: National Detainee Handbook: English
Quantity: 735-412: 221,367 (includes 2 GPO Chicago inspection samples) 735-413: 129,567 (includes 2 GPO Chicago inspection samples) Ship/Deliver Date: MUST deliver complete on or before April 29 D, 2011. (Source Here …)  Google:→ “Martial Law In America


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