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Terror Alerts Lead To Call For No Ride Lists

 Terror Alert Overload, Leads Calls For “No Ride List”
Psychological resurrection of Osama sees Israeli-style security coming to the streets of America in move towards internal passports and pervasive security checkpoints… In the wake of rampant and escalated fears over terror attacks on transport systems in major US cities, and a spat of false alarms, a U.S. Senator, is leading the call for a government “no ride list”, that would see potential suspects, banned from boarding trains. This move, is part of a long-planned agenda, to force Americans into accepting an internal passport, that they would need to display at security checkpoints, littered across the country at so-called “soft target” locations like subways, local ‘strip-malls,’ local grocery stores and sports stadiums.

An internal passport for Americans is codified under the December 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which Congressman Ron Paul warned at the time would, “Allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system” that would subject “every citizen to surveillance and screening points.”

It’s also about isolating so-called “domestic extremists” under the terms of the MIAC report who will have their freedom of movement restricted and basic liberties such as Second Amendment rights stripped by the federal government. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants people on the “no fly” list, and by extension a “no ride” list, to also be on a “no buy” list and be prevented from purchasing firearms. (Grab The Rest of The Story, HERE!)


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