News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

TSA Looking For Poop Bombs?

Will The TSA Actually Find a Bomb In The Diaper? … IS The Mother a Terrorist? … Is There a ‘Brown Growler’ In The ‘Nappy’ Instead? Will YOU Sleep Better Tonight, knowing these ‘civillians’ are being professionally trained, for the global police state? GET READY: Proctology Exams (cavity searches) Are Coming Next. If you’re willing to put up with this, then there will be no stopping the criminal ‘elite’ from achieving full spectrum dominance.

TSA Defends ‘Pat Down’ of ‘Civillian/Slave’ Baby:
Baby’s Stroller, (Allegedly) Set Off Explosives Alarm.
Agency Attempts To ‘Play Down’ “Poop Bomb” Outrage …
(Relax, After All, — It’s For YOUR Safety and Security … Right?) In My Humble Opinion: The mother of this child, should be considered as an incompetent/idiot/slave mother, by not challenging/questioning/refusing to allow the TSA to abuse/molest her baby. … QUESTION IS: Who ARE The REAL “Terrorists?!”

“Those Who Would Give Up Essential Liberty,
To Purchase a Little Temporary Safety,
Deserve Neither Liberty, Nor Safety.”
Benjamin Franklin


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