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Cameras In School Cafeterias — REALLY?!

New Lows In The ‘Control-Freak’/’Nanny-State’ Society:
Government To Monitor School Lunchtime With Cameras In The Lunch-room.
We MUST Have “Full Situational Awareness! Barcoded kids line up for calorie counting, compliance training, that’ll cost tax-payers, $2 million bucks.
Several schools in San Antonio, TX. are being provided with government grants, to install ‘surveillance equipment’ in cafeterias, as part of a government funded project to monitor every morsel of food that the children eat. Billed as part of an effort to reduce obesity and, improve eating habits, the cameras are programmed to take snapshots of lunch trays, before and after, each student eats. Each child is uniquely identifiable, via a barcode attached to the tray. The amount of calories and nutrients that each child has consumed, is then calculated, via a database, containing 7,500 different varieties of food. The entire project is being funded by a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to the tune of $2 million bucks. (Grab The REST of The Story, HERE!)


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