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New Deadly Toxic Brazilian Drug – Headed For US

Inside Brazil’s Toxic Drug Culture:
Twice as powerful as crack cocaine, the new highly-addictive street drug “Oxi” is causing a public health emergency. Just after sunset, two skinny young men in their twenties sit in shadowy corner of a park in Rio Branco – located in the state of Acre, Brazil. They have a cigarette lighter, hand made pipes, and a small, yellowish-white coloured rock.

They ask that their full names not be used, and their identities be protected.

One of the young men – using the pseudonym “Joao”- gently places the rock on the aluminum foil that covers one end of the pipe, making sure it doesn’t drop on the grass and get lost in the dark.

Looking at the rock, Joao mumbles: “This is to make my mind go to sleep …”

Then he ignites the lighter, puts the pipe to his lips, and slowly burns the rock whilst inhaling deeply.

He passes the lighter to his friend sitting next to him, who repeats the process himself.  “It’s so good,” Joao says, trying to hold the smoke in his lungs as long as he can. “The pleasure of this drug is at this very moment. When you inhale, it’s the first five seconds that is the ecstasy of this drug, when it comes to your brain. You feel your ear making a buzzing sound. You forget everything. The only thing in my head right now is the sensation of the drug.”

It’s one of the most destructive new drugs hitting Brazil – called “Oxi” on the streets – and has its origins here in the Amazon region. It is cheap, powerful and lethal. So lethal, in fact, that odds are both these two young men, if they continue to smoke it, will be dead within a year. (Grab The ‘Rest of The Story’ HERE!)


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