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New Microsoft Support Scam Downloads Malware

(By Andrew R Hickey, @ CRN)

 A new version of the Microsoft Support scam has emerged, attempting to convince users to install a malicious application claiming to “fix” their machines, according to SANS Institute researchers. The latest version occurs when a scammer calls victims, impersonating Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) support personnel, and attempts to get them to directly install a Teamviewer application — allegedly to fix the machine, but which ultimately takes control of the users’ computer and sifts through files for information to steal. “The scam is obviously still working. It seems they have figured out that users can’t be trusted to click a link, but installing remote control software and getting you to install the malware for them is ok,’ said SANS Institute researcher Mark Hofman, in a blog post. (Grab The Whole Story HERE!)


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