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Dr Paul Connett – Deadly Fluoride Hoax on The Run

Dr. Paul Connett: “Deadly Fluoride: Hoax on The Run” Following a successful ‘anti-fluoride’ campaign in Canada, Dr. Paul Connett, (Professor of Chemistry at St. Lawrence University in New York) visited Alex Jones in Austin, Texas, to tape “Deadly Fluoride: Hoax on the Run!” Dr. Connett, who’s the Executive Director of the Fluoride Action Network, is largely responsible for raising awareness to the dangers of fluoride in Canada. Earlier this year, the Calgary city council voted 10-3 to remove the toxic substance from the city’s drinking water. Connett is attempting to repeat this success elsewhere in Canada as well as in Austin, Australia, and New Zealand.Click HERE, To Visit CC.C's 'Fluoride Dangers' Webpage!

♦ More On The Dangers of Toxic/Poisonous Fluoride HERE! 

 CC.C’s ‘News-Blog’ Articles Posted On Fluoride


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