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Your Webcam Is Watching You

Could Your “Rent-to-own” Webcam Be Watching You?!
(by Steve Hogan @ PC Pitstop)
There are “Rent-to-own” stores, using PC webcams, to spy on their customers … Just when you thought things couldn’t get any creepier, a lawsuit brings to light, that “rent-to-own” stores are using laptop and desktop webcams to spy on their customers. The ABA Journal reported that Brian Byrd, 26 and his wife Chrystal, 24, are sueing Aarons, Inc. They are alleging Aaron’s installed software, that could monitor key strokes, capture desktop images, and worst of all, use the included WebCam to view and snap pictures. The young couple had no idea they were being spied on and probably never would have known, if the store manager hadn’t mistakenly tried to repossess the computer. During a discussion with Brian, the store manager produced a picture of Brian Byrd, that was taken by the computers webcam.


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