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One Brain, Hundreds of Eyes: Darpa Plots Manhunt Master Controller

Thought Military ‘Tracking’ Technology Couldn’t Get Any Creepier? Hold onto your ‘tinfoil hats’ and hide behind the nearest curtain, because the next generation of manhunting ‘gear,’ just took another step closer to reality. The Pentagon’s bleeding-edge research shop, DARPA, (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced, that it awarded a $14 million contract, to defense contractor SAIC to build Insight, its system-of-systems effort, to mashup snooping sensors, that’ll find human ‘prey’ on the battlefield. DARPA has developed loads of sensors and spy gear: Everything from the 1.8-gigapixel Argus camera, to the ‘Vehicle and Dismount Exploitation Radar’ (with the wonderful acronym, “Vader”) that pinpoints humans, cars and trucks from any distance. … But getting all of these systems to mesh together, so that your average ‘grunt’ can form a picture clear enough to track a high value “terrorist” (or “insurgent”) in real time, is tricky, (to say the least). It’s a classic problem in intelligence work: Too much information, and too much trouble connecting the dots. … The result is, “information overload” in general, and “information underload” on any specific ‘target.’ (Go HERE, To Grab The Rest of The Story!)

BTW; “CyberNet” – “Cyberdyne” And,  “Skynet” Are REAL.


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