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Karaoke Grandma – Criminal Conviction – File-Sharing Is Now a Mental Illness

A 58-year-old grandmother, was convicted for sharing music,  …  And, was sentenced to three years’ probation, as well as; to ‘attend cognitive behavioral therapy sessions,’ as part of her criminal ‘file-sharing’ sentence. … To find out, if  ‘file-sharing’ might now be considered a “disorder,” psychologist Dr. Keely Kolmes, PsyD, was asked to explain, this unusual ‘new twist,’ in criminal ‘file-sharing’ prosecution. … Anne Muir is a nurse,  (and grandmother of eight) who’s said to; have collected and shared over 7,000 music files, Along With, More than 24,000 karaoke files – (making her one fun grandma to spend a Saturday night with). BPI, (British Recorded Music Industry) and IFPI (The ‘International Federation for the Phonographic Industry‘) didn’t see it that way. Characteristically, going after someone with few resources to fight back, Is the norm. Scotland’s first illegal music sharing conviction had BPI and IFPI, estimating, she’d made £54,000 worth of copyrighted music files available to others, via a ‘peer-to-peer’ file-sharing application. Despite raiding her home based on complaints from BPI and IFPI, “Ms Muir did not make any money.  … What she did, was not commercial,” said the Sheriff. (Anne Muir admitted, she distributed the files.) And that, (the sharing part) is what’s most important, when trying to understand why sentencing a ‘file-sharer’ to cognitive behavioral therapy, (in this case, for OCD) is pretty problematic. So, this Grandmother, Gets a ‘File-Sharing’ Conviction … But, Does It Mean, She’s Mentally Ill? (Go HERE, To Find Out!) It’s not just us ‘tech geeks’ that joke about “having OCD” when it comes to our passions, (especially, as we love to ‘chase down’ things, that aren’t on the roads, ‘most traveled’).
Grab The FULL Story, HERE!


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