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New Al Qaeda Video – Can Be Used To Bring In Gun Control

The Alex Jones Show, (Sunday Edition) June 5, 2011
 On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones’ Show, Alex talked about the New “Al Qaeda” Video, issued by CIA created; Adam Gadahn. Gadahn, a 32-year-old California native, who’s REAL Name, is Adam Pearlman, the grandson of a Jewish urologist. … Who’s Father was the head of the  Jewish organization, the ‘ADL’ — that takes their orders from the Israeli ‘Mossad’ and the CIA. (Nice Towel From the Holiday-inn.) Adam Pearlman, (aka; ‘Adam Gadahn’) who, Instructs U.S. Muslims, to “Buy Guns at gun shows, and to Start Killing large numbers of Americans.” The guy’s a phony … PERIOD. Please Know, a ‘False-flag’ op, (con-job) when you see one. [See ABC Article: “New Al Qaeda Video: American Muslims Should Buy Guns, Start Shooting People”] Alex also covers, the turnout at the Jefferson Memorial, (Saturday, June 4) in response to an unconstitutional law, ‘banning dancing,’ at the Jefferson Memorial Monument and, the brutal arrest, (and assault) by ‘out-of-control, D.C. Park Service ‘cops’ of numerous activists at the Jefferson Memorial, the previous week. Alex also talks with filmmaker, broadcaster, former broker, (and ‘options’ trader) Max Keiser, about the economy and, other topics. Alex also covers the latest news, from around the country (and world) See The Documetary;
“The Power of Nightmares: ‘The Rise of The Politics of Fear’”

MUST Hear, Alex Jones Show – Friday, June 3, 2011
Alex talks (again) with critically acclaimed author and former senior State Department official, Dr. Steve Pieczenik about the 9/11 “false-flag” operation and the history of England’s role, as America’s MOST Fought Enemy, beginning in 1775, as well as the war of 1812 and beyond. The discussion continues, with the narcissism of our (now day) politicians, with situations like Clinton, to Rep. Anthony Weiner, with his lewd photograph, (that appeared on the New York Democrat’s Twitter page). Pieczenik insists such behavior is the rule, not the exception, in Washington. Alex also welcomes back to the show Rep. David Simpson, who discusses Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s request for a special session of the Texas legislature and the reintroduction of a bill, to criminalize the TSA ‘molestation’ of air travelers. Ryan Miklus, the man who captured a video of his mother complaining about TSA molestation at the Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, will talk with Alex, about his experience, (actually, his mother’s molestation experience by the TSA). Regular Friday guest Bob Chapman of the “International Forecaster,” talks with Alex about the economy as well as other important topics.


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