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Home Raided By SWAT Team for Student Loans

Your Ex-Wife, (Who No Longer Lives With You)
Owes Money On a ‘Student Loan? YOU’LL Get a Visit From S.W.A.T. A SWAT team broke into a home, (at the request of the U.S. Department of Education) to arrest (and collect money) on a defaulted student loan. Kenneth Wright was dragged from his Stockton California home, (in his underwear) while his kids were held in police custody for several hours, while they ‘searched’ for his estranged wife. RTR brings you the coverage of this ‘unfolding story,’ with remarks from constitutionalist Sheriff, Richard Mack, on the increased use of  S.W.A.T. teams nationwide, along with Congressman Ron Paul’s remarks, on the Department of Education issue. (Perhaps I should remind you, of the recent S.W.A.T. attack on USMC veteran, Jose Guerena? — Who was Shot 60+ times … for absolutly nothing?! )


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