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Body Language Analysis of Weinergate Photo

An ex-FBI agent on deception, espionage and interrogation.
What NY. Sen. Anthony Weiner, Teaches Us About Body Language.
(by Joe Navarro, M.A. in Spycatcher)
Deciphering the FaceLife instructs and this ‘Weinergate‘ affair, has been another learning opportunity. And no, this article is not about New York Representative Anthony Weiner’s wisdom in sending out Twitter messages of himself. Nor is it about lying and deception by public officials. This is an article simply to explain one photograph, and only ONE photograph, taken by AP photographer Richard Drew, which has been seen around the world. Why so much attention to one photograph? Because of what it teaches us about body language. Before Rep. Weiner admitted that he had sent the photos, that it was him in the photos, and that it was “inappropriate,” he appeared on Wolf Blitzer’s show on CNN and lied to him as well as others. His statements on that show, which sounded like something Homer Simpson would tell Marge, left many thinking, “this does not pass the stink test.” There were many reasons why – here are some that I discussed with CNN’s American Morning host Ali Velshi: Rep. Weiner’s compressed lips, the tension of the face, the chin down, the elevated shoulders and so forth, all of  which attested to there being hidden issues. It is here that we first get insight into Weiner’s nonverbals, which then leads us to this photo.


AFTER …   (Webmaster’s Note: At the end of the day, the subject of Senator Anthony Weiner’s, Wiener, Is A NON-Issue … Most of those ‘in office,’ think they’re better than “we the people” — What do you expect? He’s not “sorry”He’s “sorry” he got caught! )


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