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CA. Bart Cop, Gets Away With Public Execution of Oscar Grant — Set Free

Bart Cop Murders Oscar Grant The (“Protect & Serve”) ‘Police’ Thought They Had “Conficated” Any/All Cell Phone Videos of The Murder … I Guess Not.
Ω Bart Cop Murdering Oscar Grant on Camera
Ω Bart Cop, Gets Away With Public Execution of Oscar Grant 
Ω Bart Cop, Gets Away With Execution of Oscar Grant — Set Free

An E-mail, From A Concerned, (Black-American) Subscriber:
“I am getting calls from California Action. I am absolutely furious. You can feature these or not. I really don’t give a damn.  I would see it as a way to warn the people of that “state” that the Day of Judgement, Is At Hand.” My, (Dan @ CC.C) E-mail Responce:
I  fully intend to post this incredible injustice. IMHO, this is not a ‘black vs. white’ issue — It IS a ‘police-state’ issue. I SAW the video on the BART platform. I SAW the execution of Oscar Grant. I also saw what happened during the G-20 in Pittsburgh, PA. WE, (Black, White, Red and Yellow) MUST Know, Realize and Reveal, the root of the problem. … The criminal ‘elite’ globalists.

On a related note: I clearly remember, (during the Rodney King/LA ‘riots’) a near public murder, of truck-driver Reginald Denny, who was hit in the head with a brick, by  Damian Williams, a black guy, (following a severe beating by numorous people — after, he was dragged out of his truck). Denny was rescued by Bobby Green — (A Black Guy) — following the assault. (Then the infamous brick toss – on Denny, complete with a ‘victory-dance’). No ARREST — No Conviction. As You SHOULD Remember … It was LAPD, who beat Mr. Rodney King … NOT the average, (hard-working, Tax-Paying) white, red, yellow American  “citizen.” Perhaps your anger should be appropriately directed, towards those who are truly responsible … The “police-State” and the criminals, who have set it up.
Take Care & May God Bless,
Dan @ CasesCorner.Com


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