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Ron Paul 2012 – America’s True Patriot

Congressman Ron Paul: 
“I Want To Legalize Freedom … What’s So BAD About THAT?”
 Congressman Paul Strikes Back, on NBC Interview!
Congressman Paul, won the RLC’s ‘straw poll’ in New Orleans, this past weekend, (June 2011) with 612 votes, finishing FAR ahead of former Utah governor, Jon Huntsman, (who’s not even officially entered the race). Huntsman came in 2nd place, with 382 votes. … ‘Rule of Thumb,’ (IF You REALLY Want Your Country Back): Vote For Those, The “Mainstream Media,” ‘Demonizes.’

Ron Paul’s Speech: The Republican Leadership Conf. (RLC 2011)

Ron Paul 2012: “A True Patriot” America is worse than ever and obamas “change you can believe in” reality has hit hard on the American people, but finally a man has come forward he lives by his word. Ron paul once said; “change is just a fancy word, most politicians use, but never do anything with.” Well, Ron Paul is here to change that. … Sticking by the constitution and Bill of Rights, as set down by the forfathers, this is a man of intergrity, who is gaining popularity by the decade and has even been said to be the living thomas Jefferson. Fighting for freedom, liberty, Wanting to abolsih the privately owned ‘federal’ reserve, that ‘s stealing money from the american people, while making Trillions for itself, bring the troops out of afganistan and Iraq, his views on the war on terror and drugs has been applauded by many… This is Ron Paul… Ron paul 2012. In 2008, (in ONE DAY) over 16 million dollars, was donated from the private sector alone, (the U.S. military, contributed more to Ron Paul’s campaign, than all other candidates combined). Dont listen to what the Mainstream media tells you, — It’s Time To Wake Up!

Ron Paul Has NEVER:
– voted to raise taxes
– voted for an unbalanced budget
– voted to raise congressional pay
– taken a government paid junket
– voted in favor of the Patriot Act
– voted in favor of regulating the Internet
– voted in favor of the Iraq war
– voted for any federal restrictions on gun ownership
– voted to increase the power of the executive branch
– voted for anything …
that goes against the Constitution or, The Bill of Rights!

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