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Unbelievable! Court Rules US Taxpayers, Not BP Or Transocean – Are Liable For Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Costs

US District court has dismissed over 100,000 lawsuits brought against BP And Transocean to pay for oil spill clean up costs and environmental damages caused to the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Gulf Oil Spill. The court ruled that injury stopped the moment the well was sealed and the Federal Government, aka The US Taxpayer, is now liable for clean up costs along with any damages caused by deficiencies of the cleanup of the Gulf Of Mexico. (Read The Rest, of This Unbelievable Story, HERE!)

Gov. Releases (Partial) List Of Chemicals, Found In Oil Spill Dispersants. The EPA released a list of the ‘chemical components’ in the oil dispersants used in the Gulf of Mexico. The federal agency also disclosed health and safety information about the chemical components that were previously withheld from the public as “confidential business information.” The potential health and environmental effects of the unprecedented use of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico, both in volume and the underwater application, however, remain unknown. (BullSh!t)


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