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Chinese Girl Trading Her Virginity For iPhone 4

Chinese Teen, Offers To Sell Her Virginity, For iPhone 4
People are still mad for Apple devices … We’ve already seen people trading their kidneys to get iPhones. This one is big. … A Chinese teen, is offering her virginity, if someone gets her an iPhone 4. Sound Crazy? According to a report by the Korea Herald, a Chinese teen, published an ad, where she’s willing to ‘lose her virginity’ to any ‘person,’ who’ll buy her an iPhone 4 device … The teen also posted on Weibo, an image of herself, with some personal info. Weibo is,  (the Chinese version, of) “Twitter.” According to the girl, it’s her “dream, to own an iPhone 4,” but her father’s not allowing her to get one. A Few months back, we’ saw, a 17 year-old kid, who bought an iPad AND a phone, after selling his one kidney, for 22,000 yuan ($3,400).


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