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Who Wants Keep the War on Drugs Going – AND Put You in Debtor’s Prison?

Who Wants To Keep The “War on Drugs” Going,
AND … Put You In ‘Debtor’s Prison?’
(By Matt Stoller @ NakedCapitalism.Com)
Welcome to the for-profit prison industry.  It’s an industry that wants people in jail, because jail is their product. And, they have shareholder expectations to meet. … Privatized prisons are marketed to international investors as “social infrastructure,” and they are part of a wave of privatization washing over the globe.  Multi-billion dollar prison companies are upgraded by analysts with antiseptic words like “prospects for global prison growth,” and these companies have built a revolving door and patronage machine characteristic of any government contractor. Only, in this case, the business they are in, is putting people into steel cages, or “filling beds,” (as they put it) and they don’t care how, why, or whether the people in those beds should be there. They don’t care if you’re in prison for smoking pot, stealing cars, or being in debt. They just want people in jail.


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