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Police Taser, Beat, Pepper Spray Mentally Handicapped Teen – Then Charge Him With Assault

Cops Taser, Beat-Up AND, ‘Pepper Sprayed,‘ A Mentally Handicapped Teen – Then, Charged HIM With Assault! The Disabled Minor’s Speech Impediment, Was “Mistaken, as Disrespect. …”
(By Paul Joseph Watson @ Prison
Dayton police tasered, pepper-sprayed and beat-up — a mentally handicapped teen. Then, charged him with assault. What did the disabled boy do, to deserve this unconstitutional onslaught? The police (“Protect & Serve”) ‘officer,’ “mistook” his speech impediment, as a sign of “disrespect.”   What’s happened to our police officers? They’re being trained to oppress and abuse the public, as America sinks into a decaying (third-world) ‘banana republic.’ There seems to have developed a particular fetish, amongst a cadre of steroid-addled cops, that dictates, that they MUST satisfy their lust for abusing power — by attacking defenseless individuals, … Particularly, the elderly and the ‘infirm.’ Cops in Seattle, were also caught on camera, beating up a mentally disabled teenager, for the crime of … “jaywalking.”  The New AmeriKa, … Welcome To, The ‘New World’ Order!


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