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Gizmo’s Best Free PC Games!

Gizmo’s Best FREE PC Games!

 Whether you’ve searched everywhere trying to find the best free game in existence, or just happened to stumble here, looking for something to keep your kids, (or yourself) occupied, you’ve come to the right place. This is the showcase for some of the most top-notch, high quality, freeware games out there, in each respective category. They really are quite a bang for the lack of a buck.

Let’s first clear some things up. … Contrary to popular belief, not all free games have viruses. In fact, a vast majority don’t. You may ask “why then, would the creator make the game, if he (or she) receives no money for it?” The same could be said about the rest of the freeware products on this site. Some are for publicity, some because they are too old to sell anymore, but most are just products of people’s hobbies. There’s actually a huge, thriving, community centered around creating free games, for their own satisfaction, as well as for the enjoyment of others. So, come on, take a look at this wonderful selection of known, (and less renown) freeware games!


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