News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

FOX News – Agenda 21 – Obama Executive Order 13575 Rural Councils

 While clueless, ‘dumbed-down’ Americans were paying attention to the Anthony Weiner and Casey Anthony drama/distractions, Barry Obama signed Executive Order 13575 Rural “World” Council.  What Obama did behind our backs with this Executive Order, was pure, (in your face) criminality against America … This ‘Executive Order,’ gives government control of your land, food and water. If they control the food and the water, … ‘they’ will have full control over all of us. It’s important for you to understand what “AGENDA 21” is and how the “New World Order” is rapidly taking over America along with the rest of the world. (But Never-mind … It’s All Just a silly “Conspiracy Theory,” Right?)


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