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Obama Caught Staging Terror Attack

The ATFE, FBI and DEA, Shipping 30,000 Guns Into Mexico,
IS An Act of Staged Terror, (‘false-flag’) In Mexico And The U.S.   Whistleblower: Obama Obstructed “Fast and Furious” Investigation
(by Ben Johnson, @ ‘The White House Watch’)
The chief congressional investigators of “Operation Fast and Furious” released explosive testimony from the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATFE) that they say indicates the Obama administration tried to stonewall Congress, deny witnesses the ability to testify freely, and fire employees who refused to conceal damning information. According to acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson, not only did the Justice Department play fast-and-loose with ‘Fast and Furious,’ but other government agencies may have known – and funded – the straw purchasers the ATFE ‘program’ was designed to catch. The agency’s investigation, which has resulted in (at least) two deaths, may have been entirely unnecessary. Despite Obama’s most dogged attempts, the truth IS coming out, about how Agents Terry and Zapata lost their lives – and, who has their blood on his hands.
(Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!)

Operation Fast and Furious” & “Operation Gunrunner


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