News From, (One of The Many) “Guardians of Reality!”

Kucinich and Galbraith Demand Abolition of Federal Reserve

“Plenty of money for war, Wall Street, & welfare for the rich.” “The Founders didn’t intend for America to be run by Wall Street.”

  WalStreetPro Bailout Insanity Redux:
“Tim Geithner Is a Worthless Piece of Maggot Sh!t!”

Methinks, (Perhaps) People Are Beginning To Figure Things Out?

AND, You Just GOTTA Love THIS One … Bernanke: “Gold Is Not Money … It’s Tradition.”
(Really Ben? REALLY?!)

* Go HERE, To Visit My “BANK$TER$” Webpage, To Learn More! 

George Carlin: Spelling It Out For You …
“The Government, Wall Street and The ‘Globalists”


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