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CFR Member Krauthammer – Hammers Obama, as sanctimonious, demagogic, self-righteous and arrogant

CFR Member Krauthammer, Says Obama Is;
“Sanctimonious, Demagogic, Self-righteous and Arrogant” During Friday’s “Special Report” (07/22/11) on FOX News, (Council on Foreign Relations — aka; CFR) Member, Charles Krauthammer, said this was Obama at his worst. “This is Obama at his most sanctimonious, demagogic, self-righteous and arrogant,” Krauthammer said. “And given the baseline, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Look, he started out by summoning the leaders of Congress – summoning on them at 11:00, who does he think he is? In the American system, the executive and Congress are coequal … The way he demanded their appearance in the Oval Office I thought was disgraceful,” Krauthammer said.
(You Can Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!


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