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Debt Ceiling Negotiators Plan To Create 12-member Super Congress

New “Super Congress” Proposed:
Debt Ceiling Negotiators Aim To Create New Legislative Body
(By Ryan Grim @ HuffingtonPost.Com)
This “Super Congress,” to be composed of members of both chambers and both parties, isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, but would be granted extraordinary new powers. Under a plan put forth, by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his counterpart Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D-Nevada). legislation to lift the ‘debt ceiling,’ would be accompanied by the creation of a 12-member panel, made up of 12 lawmakers — six from each chamber and six from each party. (WEBMASTER’S NOTE: I guess the NWO just makes up the new rules/edicts as they go along. … While the ‘sheeple’ stay dazed and confused.)


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