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Obama sucks! The Obama Legacy Put To Music

Enjoy The Video, But Understand The Gravity of Its Message.
  The debt ceiling debate is on the forefront of the minds of Americans. That said, and with President Obama seemingly using the national crisis surrounding the debt ceiling solely for political maneuvering ahead of the 2012 presidential election, let this video serve as reminder of just what a disaster that this President as been! For those of you who voted for Obama the first time around and for those of you who still believe that they will vote for him in the 2012 presidential election, use this video as a primer for understanding that the United States most likely cannot survive an additional four years with this man at the helm. Please remember that Obama is self-serving, disingenuous and that quite frankly serious questions exist over whether he has the best interests of the future of our nation as one of his goals! In reality, if you were pressed to articulate just what his goals and vision for the nation are, could you? I know I can’t! (P&F)


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