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US Bankrolling Afghan Insurgents Audit Shows

Terrorists ‘R US
(From: Citizens for Legitimate Government)  Since 2002, the United States spent more than $70 billion in Afghanistan. 20 Jul 2011 US aid money could be fueling corruption and inadvertently bankrolling insurgents in Afghanistan, because the United States is unable to closely track the funds, a government audit said. The report by the ‘Special’ Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said the effect of massive U.S. funding, was ‘jeopardized’ by a lack of financial controls, as well as a deep reluctance by Afghan authorities to prosecute corruption cases. The audit reviewed oversight of U.S. aid converted to cash, including electronic payments to contractors, and assessed U.S. efforts to bolster the Kabul government’s regulation of commercial banks  [“LOL! Too bad the GOP votes against that in the US — and informal hawala financial networks.  … Instead of cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, why not get out of Afghanistan, (Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia) and use that money to pay down the debt?” –CLG Editor: Lori Price] CLG Breaking News and Commentary

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