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Obama To Approve Al-Qaeda Embassy In Washington

State Department Sympathetic, To Recognizing
Rebel “Al-Qaeda” Terrorists, Who’ve Killed U.S. Troops In Iraq and Afghanistan
(By Paul Joseph Watson @ Infowars.Com The Obama administration, is preparing to follow Britain, in recognizing the ‘rebel National Transitional Council,’ as the official government of Libya, by approving an embassy in Washington DC, which given the fact, that the ‘rebel army’ is spearheaded by Al-Qaeda militants, (who have admittedly killed U.S. troops) would equate to Obama handing ‘terrorists’ a diplomatic outpost on U.S. soil. Shortly after the start of the conflict in March, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the leader of the anti-Gaddafi rebel army, admitted that rebel ranks include “Al-Qaeda” terrorists who have killed U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Al-Hasidi described the fighters as “patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,” adding that “members of “Al-Qaeda” (The ‘Toilet’) are also good Muslims and, are fighting against the invader.”
(Grab The ‘Rest of The Story,’ HERE!)


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